The Young and the Restless: November 1 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: November 1 Live Thoughts
Lauren and Michael are hanging out at home with Gloria and Kevin on today's The Young and the Restless.  Everyone is concerned about Lauren's well-being after her brush with death underground.  Gloria, whose hair looks extremely flat and weighted down with product today, gets a call from Jeffrey Bardwell who asks her out to dinner.  She accepts.  Michael, Kevin and Lauren all get bent out of shape and tell her not to go, but Gloria is too obstinate and naive to think that Jeffrey might try to incriminate her for contaminating the face cream.  I really hope this storyline will be wrapped up soon because it has ceased to entertain me.

Cane tells Jill that the police are done pulling victims out of the rubble.  Maggie shows up at the door and questions Jill about whether she had anything to do with the leak to press about Jack being the police's prime person of interest in Ji Min's death.  Cane asks Maggie if she is accusing his mother of something.  Maggie leaves after being fake-cheerful about wanting to solve the case.  Then Cane comes back in and tells Jill that he can't believe she leaked the story.

Heather has coffee with Paul and they talk about Paul's harrowing experience underground, and how he now has a new perspective on life.  I wonder if he's going to tell him that he's her father anytime soon.

Gloria, wearing a fairly hideous animal print dress, greets Jeffrey at the door.  He has brought flowers for Lauren.  He tells Gloria that one of these days, he'd like to treat her whole family to dinner to get to know them.  Kevin offers that he's free now and can join them tonight, no doubt to keep an eye on his mother.  Gloria is not happy about this, but Jeffrey says that he'll be delighted to get to know Kevin.

Jill tells Cane that there is something about Maggie that she really doesn't like.  Cane continues to blame himself for the big accident.

Maggie joins Paul and Heather at the coffeehouse, but Heather leaves immediately to go back to work.

Lauren is in her jammies.  She can't sleep, so she sits next to Michael on the sofa.  She just took some leftover anti-anxiety medication, but is still visibly shaken.  She is feeling claustrophobic in the bedroom.  She wonders if bad things are just meant to happen to her and she'll never be safe again.

Maggie advises Paul that it's time to tell Heather that he's her father, but he's still doubtful.  She had a hard childhood, but still grew up to be a strong person.  He's afraid to dredge up bad memories for her.

Speaking of Heather, she goes to the bar at the GCAC to see Cane.  He asks her to join him for a drink.

Lauren feels bad that Michael has to babysit her.  She is frustrated that she can't control her emotions.  Michael suggests that he make some microwave popcorn and then watch The African Queen.

Kevin asks Jeffrey point-blank his intentions toward his mother.  He says that he wants to spend as much time with his mother as possible.  He can't leave town because the more he learns about her, the more he wants to know.  Kevin looks worried.

Jill calls out for Cane at home, but he's out having drinks with Heather.  She calls him on his cell.  Jill is all distraught and wants to know that he's safe.  Cane says he's going to be out late.  Cane talks about how he grew up without a mother.  Heather tells him that she grew up without her real father, but she grew up with fantasies of meeting her father.

Naturally, her real father is just across town at the coffeehouse, fretting about telling her the truth.

Lauren has fallen asleep on the sofa while watching the movie.  She wakes up in a panic, after having a nightmare about Paul in the rubble.  She thinks it might be a sign that Paul is in some kind of danger.  Michael calls Paul to prove to her that he's safe.  Paul offers to go over to see her.  Maggie says it might be a good idea.  Sigh.  As much as I enjoyed watching The Young and the Restless' "Out of the Ashes" storyline, I'm getting a bit tired of this aftermath.  Is Lauren's anxiety going to go anywhere?  Can it please hurry up and get there already?

Cane and Heather exchange childhood stories.  Heather admits that her step-father was abusive.  She tells about how she grew bitter and resentful of her biological father for not trying to contact her.  She now has absolutely no desire to meet her real father.  Cane says that he's glad that he found his mother and knows that she's a good person.  But Heather already knows that her father isn't a good person, so she doesn't have anything to look forward to.

Paul has arrived at Michael and Lauren's.  Paul tells her that Maggie is having nightmares about being trapped as well.  Paul starts to tell Lauren about the mistakes and regrets he has in his life.

Jeffrey continues to speak in veiled subtext about people wanting to hurt innocent people, obviously in reference to his suspicion that Gloria was responsible for the cream contamination.  The dinner wraps up and Jeffrey heads up to his room upstairs.  Kevin warns Gloria that she is getting sucked in.  Gloria assures him that she is only playing Jeffrey and not buying his charm.  Jeffrey goes upstairs.  He has recorded the entire dinner conversation on a digital voice recorder (Hey!  I have the exact same one!) and listens to the whole thing.

Heather is on the phone with her mother at the club.  Her mother gets a call, it's Paul!  He tells April that it's time for him to tell Heather the truth.

Next on The Young and the Restless: Neil questions why JT was at the construction site, Nick wants to sue Chancellor Industries, Jack thanks Victor for saving his life.

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