The Young and the Restless: August 23 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: August 23 Live Thoughts
We open today's episode with Sharon and Jack.  Jack says he needs to go to an important meeting for the Clear Springs Project.

Nick, who is at home with Phyllis, calls in to the office to ask for the day off from work.  He also has to attend the Clear Springs Project, so Phyllis convinces him to go.

David Chow and Nikki are having breakfast and also discussing the big meeting.  It's the biggest event in town.

Everyone is unanimous that Victor will blow a gasket if David Chow shows up at the meeting with Nikki.  David, it seems, doesn't care.  He plans to go in order to protect Nikki from her overbearing husband.

After the break, Sharon walks in on Noah, who is on the phone "with prison," he says.  He's growing on me, this kid.  He is calling up to make sure the Phyllis will have nice things like TV and a DVD player when she goes to prison.  Sadly for her, the answer is no.

Now we get to the good stuff.  Ji Min shows Jill a copy of the logo he had drawn up, but Jill can't get her conversation with Jack from yesterday's episode out of her mind.  She's very suspicious about his involvement in shady deals.  Jill leaves her son Cane a voicemail, inviting him to lunch at the club.

In the only room at Newman Enterprises, the Very Important Meeting has begun.  Turns out that Nikki has enough money to cover the deal because Victor has loaned her some dough, but she used her marital assets as collateral.  Eventually, everyone agrees, although everyone is doubtful.  Remember how everyone was so concerned about David arriving at the meeting with Victor, but nothing really happened.  I guess Victor was content to just own Nikki financially, and use it to get revenge later on.  This is what everyone else thinks too.

Sharon runs into Neil's office, which looks exactly like the conference room, to avoid running into Phyllis, who is hanging out with Summer in the lounge.  Neil finds her there.  Sharon takes this opportunity to confess how much she hates Phyllis, but worries about her son's attachment to her.

At the club, Cane and Jill have lunch.  Jill confides that she suspects that Ji Min has been lying to her this whole time.

In the Newman Enterprises kitchen, Phyllis feeds Summer and talks to Jack about their past.  She apologizes for messing things up between the two.  Jack forgives her.  He is acting like a complete saint regarding Phyllis and Daniel, which makes me suspect that somewhere down the line, an ulterior motive will be revealed.  Jack reassures Phyllis that although they fell for other people, what they had will still always be special.

Back at the club, Jill continues to dish about Ji Min.  Jill mulls the pros and cons of confronting Ji Min about his past actions.

Victor and Nick continue to discuss Nikki.  Victor lays out all the facts from his perspective, helping Nick to understand that Victor isn't being unreasonable.

Sharon is still talking to Neil.  Neil exposits that Sharon used to confide in Drusilla, Neil's late wife, setting himself up nicely to be Sharon's new confidant.  Right before we cut to commercials, Sharon says, "I think I"m falling in love with Nick again."

When we return from the break, Sharon is shocked that she actually said that out loud.  She is confused because of Nick's amnesia.  He doesn't remember the things he's done to Sharon of late, and he acts like he did when they were married.

Now we cut to Phyllis and Jack's conversation.  Phyllis advises Jack about Sharon.  She says Sharon looks to other men to validate her.  Phyllis warns him that Nick still loves Sharon--with Phyllis in prison and Jack busy with his senatorial duties, she fears that Sharon and Nick getting back together is inevitable.  Nick picks that moment to walk in and take Sharon home.

At the club, it's Cane's turn to confess.  He tells her about his sham marriage with Amber.  Jill is livid, and Cane promises that from this moment on, no one will mess with [him] or [his] mum again.

David, uncomfortable with Nikki being in debt to Victor again, has made some calls about different loans for her.  He finds her sipping a bloody mary at the club bar and tells her the news.

Cane finds Katherine at the coffeehouse and pleads with her to make up with Jill.  She agrees to.

At home, Ji Min has just given Jill a gift, but she can't hide the look of doubt on her face.  She confesses that she talked to Jack about Ji Min.  She accuses Ji Min of knowing full well that Jack was forbidden to run Jabot Cosmetics.  She asks him straight out if he lied, and he says yes.  He says that he still loves her, but she can't trust him anymore, so she breaks up with him and leaves.

I don't see why Phyllis was so concerned with Jack's busy, busy senatorial schedule, because he obviously has time to loaf around with Sharon all day.  They go home, and Sharon surprises him with a gift of a video camera that they can take on their trip to France.

Phyllis and Nick have also come home.  Phyllis tells Nick that she wants him to be happy, but if she's going to be in prison for a long time, she doesn't want him to be tied down to her.  She says that if she is sentenced to the maximum term, she wants him to divorce and move on with his life.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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