The Young and the Restless: August 22 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: August 22 Live Thoughts
It is the next morning, and Nick comes downstairs to find Phyllis holding Summer on the couch.  Goodness gracious, let the child get some sleep!  No wonder Summer's sick.  Phyllis thanks Nick for the night of lovin' he provided her last night; he promises that they'll do it again soon.

Daniel stops by the coffeehouse for a morning cup of joe and chats with Kevin.  Kevin gets a call from Colleen to check on Jana's status.  A shirtless Adrian canoodles with Colleen as she talks on the phone, but Adrian gets testy because of her concern for Kevin's wellbeing.

Kevin finds out that Jana's surgery has been scheduled for two weeks from now.  Clearly upset, he insists on the phone to the doctor that she has to have surgery today.

Ji Min and Jill enjoy a breakfast in bed while Jill schemes about taking revenge on her mother.

Katherine meets with Michael over breakfast to go over some legal matters.  She says she wants to disinherit her daughter Jill as we go to commercial.

Phyllis busies herself with work that she has to get done today.  She puts on a brave face and jokes about having to do prison laundry soon.  Nick offers to tag along with her to the office with Summer in tow to keep her company and spend time with her.

Daniel is working on his assignment for Jack on his laptop.  But his laptop freezes up which means that he might not have it ready in time for Jack's meeting.  Uh oh.  Maybe another security breach?

Ji Min and Jill, now out of bed and dressed, continue to discuss ways to bring about Katherine's downfall.

Speaking of, Michael asks Katherine why she wants to cut Jill out of her will.  Katherine says it's because Ji Min--she would rather do anything than let Ji Min see a single red cent of her money.  She claims that she is doing this for Jill's own good, and that she bets that Ji Min won't want to marry Jill after he finds out about the will.  Michael, ever the voice of reason, points out that Jill probably wouldn't appreciate Katherine trying to control her life.

After the break, Colleen peruses Adrian's book and deems it "awesome."  Adrian, suffering from a moment of conscience, wonders aloud if he should warn Brad that he's writing a book about him.  Colleen says no.

Katherine, still at his breakfast meeting with Michael, tells him to draft the documents today.

Daniel comes late to Jack's meeting.  He's frantic because his computer crashed, and Nikki chews him out for basically everything: being unprepared for the meeting, being a criminal, and being Phyllis's son.  Phyllis arrives at that exact moment and snits that Nikki should take things up with her and not with her son.  Nikki stalks out haughtily and Nick, apologizing for his mother's behavior, follows her to try to reason with her.  Seriously Nikki and Nick are mother and son?  Another case of SORAS strikes again.  Thankfully, Daniel fixes everything right before the commercial break.

After the commercials, Jack benevolently lets Daniel take the rest of the day off to spend time with Phyllis.

At the restaurant, Jill and Ji Min have just come in, and Katherine goes over to see them.  The three exchange angry words, but Katherine hasn't yet revealed her decision about cutting Jill out of her will.

Kevin, who has called Michael over to the coffeehouse, begs Michael to work his legal mojo to move up Jana's surgery today.  Michael says he might be able to do something.  He says that he could threaten the hospital with a lawsuit if anything goes wrong with Jana during the two weeks leading up to the surgery.  A few moments later, Phyllis and Daniel arrive for their mother-son lunch.  Phyllis is sporting some serious cleavage.  I suppose the prospect of going jail doesn't mean you should put the girls away.  She sweetly offers some parental advice for Daniel.

We find Katherine and Ji Min in a tete-a-tete, Jill absent.  Katherine opines that Jill is using Ji Min to get back at Katherine, and Ji Min is using Jill for her money.

Nick and Nikki are still in the lounge at Newman Enterprises.  Nick asks point-blank what the deal is with Nikki and David Chow.  Nikki admits that David is pursuing her, and that she is unhappy with her husband.  Nick can sympathize, considering his past with Sharon and Phyllis.

At the coffeehouse, Phyllis is still listing her motherly bullet points of advice, which includes getting his prostate checked.  They leave to go watch the Transformers movie.  Woah, this show is so cutting edge!

As cut to the break, Jill has just shown up at Jack's office.

Turns out, the break commercial break was three hours long because we find Phyllis and Daniel back at home with Nick and Summer, having just returned from the movie.

Nikki thanks David for all his help with the Clear Springs campaign, and coos that she wants to take him to dinner.

Finally, we are now privy to Jill and Jack's conversation.  Jill reveals her growing suspicions of Ji Min's motives.  Jack sometimes pronounces Ji Min's name like "G-Man," hee.

Michael has finished drawing up the provisions for taking Jill out of Katherine's will.  Katherine hesitates ever so slightly, but signs the papers nonetheless.

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