The Young and the Restless: August 21 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: August 21 Live Thoughts
We open today's episode with Colleen accusing her father Brad of ruining Adrian's job offer at the Paris museum.  In related news, Jana tells Adrian that she is absolutely positive that Brad is hiding his identity.

Sharon and Jack sit cozily on the couch eating ice cream.  Jack has cutely placed a golden ticket inside her ice cream lid to help get her mind off of Phyllis's trial.

Phyllis whines to Nick that the monitoring device on her ankle is hurting her.  Baby Summer starts to cry, and they find that she is burning up.  Her temperature is 99.8.  Nick calls Dr. Logan to stop by to check on the baby.

Kevin asks his mother Gloria for advice on how to handle Jana's situation, since he now has power of attorney.  Gloria and Kevin are one of the few parent-child pairs on this show whose ages actually look perceptibly different.

Adrian is still questioning Jana about Brad's secret identity.  She reveals that she bugged Brad's living room, but Adrian is skeptical about it, since Jana's spouting craziness about her imaginary children with Kevin.  She reveals that Brad's real name is George Kaplan.  Is Colleen supposed to be American?  Tammin Sursok is not doing a good job hiding her South African accent.

Sharon is still on Jack's treasure hunt, which has made its way to the restaurant.  Jack has written clues about Noah to make her feel good about being a mother again.  Brad is here too, and exposits one more time that Sharon kissed her former husband Nick, and hasn't yet told Jack about it.  I suspect this will all come to a head in a big way.

Phyllis, ever the drama queen, asks Nick to heat up formula in the fridge for Summer since Phyllis won't be able to breastfeed once she goes to jail.

Kevin has brought an audio version of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance to the hospital for Jana.  He tells her that there is a good chance that she might fall into a coma after the surgery.  Since he has power of attorney, he wants to know what her wishes are.  After we come back from commercials, Kevin asks her what she thinks of what happened with Terri Schiavo, although of course the writers, who show off that they are up to the minute with current events two years ago, don't actually let him mention her by name.  Jana is even more like Drusilla the vampire today--she says she feels like she was possessed by a demon.

Dr. Logan has come to check on Summer and tells Phyllis and Nick to call her if the fever spikes.  After Logan leaves, Phyllis continues to give Nick specific instructions for things like putting Summer to bed and which songs to sing to her in the morning.  Phyllis is pretty convincingly sad, but Nick's botoxed caveman brow prevents him from showing any emotion at all.

Adrian finds Colleen to tell her about his talk with Jana.  Colleen confirms that her father's name really is George Kaplan.  We cut to commercial as Adrian looks questioningly at Colleen.

After the break, we find Logan and Brad having drinks.  Logan tells her that she's taken a position with Doctors Without Borders in Malawi.  She even quotes Chekhov 'cause, you know, she's a doctor and therefore, smart.  One of the writers probably had to write a college thesis on Chekhov and wanted to prove that he's still with it.

I'm not even going to bother recapping another Phyllis and Nick scene because it's just more of the same.  She's going to miss her baby!  Okay!  We get it!

We are back with Adrian and Colleen.  She explains that her grandmother survived the Nazi concentration camps by cataloging stolen art in the SS camp, but after the war, worked to return the art to the rightful owners.  The family changed their name because some of the art owners would try to take revenge if they received the wrong pieces.  Adrian is excited and wants to put all this in his book, and Colleen decides that it's her decision to allow him to write about it and not her father's decision.

Kevin sneaks into the hospital after visiting hours and climbs into bed with Jana.  All the while, Jana spouts the crazytalk about their imaginary children.

Jack is still stringing Sharon along with his little clues.  She finds the surprise, which is a trip to France for the two of them plus Noah.  But it's not all kittens and picnics: Sharon flashbacks her kiss with Nick in the bank vault.  What is she ever going to do?

I didn't think there could be more about Phyllis and Nick in the episode, but I have been proven wrong.  This time, though, they are being gooey with each other rather than discussing Summer ad nauseum.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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