The Young and the Restless: August 17 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: August 17 Live Thoughts
We open today's episode with Daniel and Phyllis.  They are tidying up the place in anticipation of the probation officer's visit.  They decide to make some notes for the first visit.  The "list" contains only two items: she is a mother of two, and she does charity work, and by charity work, Daniel clarifies that she just helps people buy purses.

Jack is getting flak from his constituents because of his association with Phyllis.  Ben warns Jack that the trouble is just getting started.

After the opening credits, Kevin, visiting at the hospital, tells a lucid Jana that his mom will give them the money for her surgery.  Jana wants to ask him for one small, little favor.

Sharon meets with Nick to tell him that Noah knows about the verdict.

After the break, Michael and the assistant DA threaten each other in front of the parole officer.  The assistant DA reveals that she knows that Phyllis tried to make a break for it before the verdict.

The parole officer interviews Nick first.  His caveman-esque brow makes it difficult for him to look non-menacing.  The parole officer asks him point-blank about whether Phyllis tried to run away, but Nick says no.

Daniel calls up Jack for the morning off from work to help his mother out for the meeting with the parole officer.  Ben is still on Jack's case about his connections with Phyllis and tells that Daniel is a liability to his position as senator, and even makes an allusion to Clinton's Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Michael and Nick arrive at Phyllis's .  They all decide they need to find out who ratted Phyllis out to the parole officer.  They call up Jack's office, where Sharon has conveniently showed up.  Jack denies telling anyone about Phyllis's attempted run; suggestive music and Jack's meaningful glances point to Sharon as the rat.

After the commercial break, Jack confronts Sharon.  Sharon says it was her first reaction to call the police, but she didn't.  Jack softens his demeanor toward Sharon's damning testimony and things look warmer and fuzzier between them.

Michael is furious about the assistant DA, Heather, knowing about Phyllis's run.  At the courthouse, Heather runs into the detective who suggests that the tack Heather should try is to prove that Phyllis attempted escape.

Now, we see Sharon and Nick.  Nick comforts her cozily, but in flashback, she remembers that SHE was the one who spilled the beans about Phyllis's run!  Time to panic, and thankfully, commercials come on.

After the break, there is more expository rehashing about the events that have happened in the beginning of the episode.

Sharon goes over to Jack's office and confesses that she told Brad that Phyllis was trying to run off with the baby.  Of course, Ben picks that opportune moment to interrupt, saying that the parole officer would like to interview him.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Daniel and Phyllis practice interview questions.  They're surprisingly chipper and upbeat.

Parole Lady is interviewing Jack now.  He plays dumb about Phyllis attempting to flee.  Jack must have a crick in his neck or he must be lying through his teeth because his head is tilted at a 45-degree angle the whole time.

At the bar, Michael meets Kevin and agrees to help him regarding Jana.

Paul and the detective collude together about obtaining evidence about Phyllis attempting to jump bail.  Something shady is going on here.

I feel like I'm living Groundhog Day.  Every other scene is with the parole officer asking different people if they knew that Phyllis tried to run.  This time, she is asking Sharon.  Naturally, we cut to commercial before she can answer.

After the break, Sharon looks really guilty and uncomfortable as she lies to Parole Lady.

Now, Ben scolds Jack about how his ties to women are holding him back from running for higher office.  Of course, he's talking about Phyllis, but he also brings up Sharon.  He tells Jack that Sharon still has feelings for Nick, and with Phyllis possibly going to jail, Nick will soon be free to pursue the woman he really loves.  Jack still has a crick in his neck.

We finally (finally!) see Phyllis's meeting with Parole Lady.  Phyllis is all babbling and awkward; Parole Lady stoic and unsmiling.  Phyllis futzes with her purse, and accidentally pulls out a black wig.  Parole Lady, eyes narrowed, says, "Nice wig."  Gasp!  Obviously, this makes her look like she was trying to hide her identity while allegedly running away!  Phyllis mumbles something about trying to escape public attention, but Nick, who walks in at that moment, tries to explain away the wig by mentioning a photo shoot.  Ruh roh!  Stories don't match!

At the hospital, the doctor tells the assembled crew that the tumor grew very quickly and entered an important area of the brain.  There is some medical mumbo-jumbo about how they can't operate right away.

Sharon tattles on Jack that Ben is getting involved in her personal life too much.  Jack mulls firing him if he can't toe the line.

Michael debriefs Phyllis and Daniel about the meeting with Parole Lady.  He blows up at them when he founds out about the wig.  Phyllis isn't worried, but the music tells otherwise.

Now at the DA's office.  Detective Lady produces an airport security photo of Phyllis in the black wig at the airport with Summer, taken after the verdict had been reached.  Parole Lady is there to identify that that's the wig she saw in Phyllis's purse.  Doesn't look good for our redhead, I must say.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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