The Young and the Restless: August 16 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: August 16 Live Thoughts
We begin the episode where yesterday left off, with the forewoman reading the verdict.  The jury has found Phyllis guilty of extortion!!

Everyone else in Genoa City are shown tuning in to the verdict via radio, TV, and internet.

Phyllis will be sentenced later that day.  The judge thanks the jury for their participation.

Opening credits.

After commercials, attorneys present their cases to the judge as to whether Phyllis should be allowed to post bail until the sentencing.  The judge calls for a recess to decide.  Phyllis is panicking and regretting her decision not to take the deal.  She asks if she can "write a note to the judge" instead of having to go to jail, as if jail is high school gym class instead of, you know, JAIL.

The Winters family discuss the verdict.  Lily is ambivalent about Phyllis going to jail.

The judge deems that Phyllis can stay free until sentencing as long as she relinquishes her passport and checks in daily with her parole officer.  She agrees, but not convincingly.

At the courtroom again, Nick asks to talk to Sharon about Noah, concerned that Noah might inadvertently find out about the verdict.  Sharon and Nick decide to tell him together.

Back at the Winters's. Devon wants to make sure Phyllis pays for what she did to Dru, but Neil and Lily want to put the events behind them.  I suspect,by his meaning-laden grimace that Devon may be planning to take matter into his own hands.

Sharon and Jack advise Phyllis to go out the back door of the courtroom in order to avoid the press.  But Phyllis and Sharon engage in verbal fisticuffs about Sharon's damning testimony, dredging up old wounds.

The Winters family decides to celebrate today like New Years Day.  Lily finds all of her mother Dru's old New Years decorations.  They all reminisce about Dru.

Peter defends Phyllis to Sharon at the bar.

The hallways outside the courtroom must be a veritably labyrinthine because Phyllis and Nick are still leaving.  They run into Nikki, and Nicholas mans up to defend his wife against Nikki's barbs.

After the break, we see that Phyllis and Nicholas have succeeded in escaping the courtroom.  They are home now with baby Summer.  Brad is there too and menacingly eats an apple, bringing up the videotape of Phyllis blackmailing him.

Daniel and his aunt are still talking at the restaurant.  Lily walks in and Daniel approaches her awkwardly.  There is still obvious soap operatic tension between them.

Victor comes to visit Phyllis and Summer.  He says that she shouldn't have been convicted.

Lily returns home with the food, looking obviously shaken from her run-in with Daniel.

Phyllis makes dinner but ruins it.  She starts having a panic attack about not having enough time.  It's amazing how slowly it took for her to make it home from the courthouse, but how fast she made that meal.

Turns out, Noah did hear about the verdict and accuses Sharon for being responsible for it.  He says he hates Sharon and doesn't want to live with her anymore.  After the break, Jack explains the finer points of subpoenas to Noah.  Jack tells Noah that Sharon didn't have a choice about testifying, but he doesn't believe it himself.

Back at the courthouse, Brad spills the beans to the prosecutor that Phyllis was late to the verdict today because she tried to skip town.

Phyllis breaks down to Nick about all the bad choices she made, about why she didn't think about the consequences for her children.  Miraculously, she cries though she sheds nary a tear.  Nick tells her that he will support her and her children, but his empty stare out into the distance belies his kind words.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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