The Young and the Restless: August 31 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: August 31 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless, aka. Criminals 'R Us, opens with Amber and Daniel.  Amber has been disclosing her plan about pointing the finger at Ji Min.  Daniel leaves to say goodbye to his mother again.

Katherine spills the beans to Nikki about Ji Min's plan.  To summarize, Katherine owns Jabot Cosmetics, which she bought from Ji Min.  But Jack owned the company illegally.  So Ji Min going public with that information could cost Jack his seat in the Senate, and taint Katherine's ownership of the company, not to mention become a big mess for Nikki regarding the Clear Springs Project.

After the credits, Nikki and Katherine try to come up with a plan to stop Ji Min.  If she loses the Clear Springs deal, there will be no way she can pay off her loan to Victor, so she has a lot to lose.

Daniel arrives at his mom's to find Nick dressed only in black boxer-briefs and carrying champagne.  He must wax his chest, for it is very smooth.  Phyllis is leaving in a few hours, and but Summer might have another fever.  Sigh.  Haven't we already be subjected to this all last week?

After the commercial break, we find out that Summer has a temperature of over 100.  Nick asks Daniel to take Phyllis to jail so that Nick can take Summer to the hospital, but Phyllis refuses to leave Summer, even if that means that she might miss showing up at the prison.

Nikki reveals all about Ji Min's plan to go public to David Chow.  David comes up with a plan for damage control.  While it's true that everything Jack is involved with, including Nikki's Clear Springs Project, will be under scrutiny after the Jabot scandal gets out, David thinks that if he handles Jack's PR, he might be able to spin the situation to make Jack looked like a reformed sinner instead of a criminal.

Phyllis call Michael to ask for an extension on going to prison.  First she wanted to write a note to the judge to get out of going to jail, and now she's asking for an extension?  I think she must think jail is like high school detention instead of JAIL.  Seriously.

Carson, who is now talking to Amber,and who asked to borrow money, knocks Amber's cell phone off the table.  While she's bent over picking it up, he steals the 100 dollar bill from Amber's bag.  He books it out of there, post-haste, and then Amber calls Katherine to tell her that she has one of the bills from the loot.  She searches in her bag, but doesn't find it.

Lauren has come over to Phyllis's to check on Phyllis and the baby.  Phyllis says that no one is taking her to jail because she can't leave her baby.

Nikki finds Jack to let him know that she might have a plan to stop Ji Min.

The second half The Young and the Restless begins with Katherine flashbacking on the many conversations she had with Jill regarding Ji Min.  Katherine goes over to Ji Min's and finds Jill there, but Jill is in no mood to talk.

David runs into Ji Min.  Ji Min is wearing a white shirt that is halfway unbuttoned, and he actually looks pretty hot.  David reminds Ji Min that a lot of people will be hurt, but Ji Min refuses to talk to him as well.  Katherine into them on her way down the stairs.  I have to say that I am very bored by this storyline.  I mean, yes, it's about betrayal and vendettas and all that, but it's difficult to get excited about white collar crimes involving large corporations.

Amber tracks down Carson, who stole the 100 dollar bill from her.  He confirms that it is from the stash that Amber buried.  Katherine interrupts to tell Amber that she'd like her to do everything she can to find the money that she thinks Ji Min stole.  Amber is happy to hear that she has Katherine's backing on blaming Ji Min.

Dr. Logan has finished checking Summer and now it is time for Phyllis to go to the bighouse.  But, she still refuses.  Methinks she will not end up going.

David reports to Nikki that Ji Min won't back down.  Nikki worries that maybe she isn't cut out to run the Clear Springs Project, but David reassures her with a kiss that she is more than capable, and that Victor is scared of her abilities and will do anything to see her fail.  Nikki flirtatiously asks for the hotel room key that David has been offering her and that she has been turning down 'til now.

Katherine is grasping at straws.  She runs into Jill that she will happy to reinstate Jill into her will if she tells Ji Min not to go public.

Nikki asks Victor how he plans to deal with Jack's problem.  Nikki summarizes all that has transpired between them, but Victor merely dismisses her.  He says that he'll make a profit whether she succeeds in Clear Springs or not.

Ji Min is alone in his room.  He has indeed stolen the half million dollars!  He took out the case it was in to, I dunno, fondle it or something, and he was in the process of putting it back in the grating when Jill tries to come in.  The chain is locked, so she can't and Ji Min hurriedly puts it back.  He missed a few bills which are strewn on the floor, but Jill doesn't notice it.

It is now down to the wire with Phyllis.  The judge has refused to grant a delay, and Phyllis is still refusing to leave.  She locks herself in her bedroom.

Next on The Young and the Restless: David and Nikki flirt, Summer is actually pretty sick, Jack is worried about Ji Min.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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