The Young and the Restless: August 29 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: August 29 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless opens with Jana on the operating table, still babbling all crazy-like.  He demands to know what is going on, and the surgeon says, "That's why we map the brain.  That's an area we don't want to touch."  Um, yeah.  I think it's too late for that.  Back in Jana's room, Michael wishes that he could, for once, represent someone who was innocent.

Amber is covering for Kevin at the coffeehouse while he's with Jana.  Heather walks in and offers her a deal.

After the opening credits, Jack is having a conversation with a journalist.  The journalist grills him on his stance on the Phyllis Newman trial.  Jack goes on the record saying that he thinks six years is excessive.

At Phyllis's, Phyllis, Nick and Daniel figure out how to spend her last day of freedom.  Phyllis says that she's glad that she gets to spend it with two handsome men, and Daniel does a creepy Oedipal thing when he says that only he is handsome, staring mock-challengingly at Nick.  Phyllis decides to call up Noah to have him spend the day with them.

After the journalist leaves Jack, Jill approaches to Jack to chew him out about his involvement with Jabot Cosmetics and Ji Min.  She growls that she hates Ji Min and she hates Jack for bringing him in to her life.

Speak of the devil, Ji Min is having coffee and reading the paper when Cane comes by to tell him to leave town.  He threatens that if he goes near his mum again, he'll break Ji Min's legs.  Cane doesn't stop there.  He walks over to Heather and Amber; he tells Heather that if there's anything he can do to help put Amber in jail, then Heather should call him.

Back at the OR, the doctor says that they excised the tumor as much as he could without affecting Jana's speech pathways.  Amber comes to the hospital bearing coffee and spills the news that Heather offered to cut her a deal.  Michael is furious about it and orders Amber to walk away if anyone approaches her without him there.

After the break, Michael hunts Heather down to tell her to stay away from his clients.  She says that she was just going to offer Amber a plea-bargain deal or a possible immunity deal.  She always says that Michael representing his brother is a conflict of interest.

Amber, Gloria and Colleen are still at the hospital.  Seems like Amber is the only one who is royally screwed because Daniel and Kevin both have their rich mommies to pay back their debts to the government.  Amber, sad girl from the wrong side of the tracks, has no rich mommy, sadly.

Kevin is at Jana's bedside.  She just had brain surgery and she's already awake?  I've watched Grey's Anatomy enough to know that the creative team behind The Young and the Restless might be cutting corners in their medical research.

Jack is still dodging reporters' questions about Phyllis.

After commercials, Phyllis, Nick, Daniel, Noah and Summer are at the basketball court.  Noah says that he'll babysit Summer while Phyllis is in jail.

Ji Min finds Jill at the coffeehouse.  She tells him to leave, but he has brought her an expensive gift wrapped in pink.  Jill still looks emotionally torn up over Ji Min, but decides she can't accept the gift.

Kevin reports to Gloria, Colleen and Amber.  about the result of Jana's surgery.  Colleen and Kevin leave, giving Amber the opportunity to talk to Gloria about how she is helping Kevin pay back the government.  Amber asks Gloria to lend her money because her "singing career is totally gonna take off soon" and she'll be making "millions and millions of dollars."  Gloria blames Amber for dragging her son into legal trouble and tells her to stay away from him.

Phyllis and Daniel are ordering takeout from the only restaurant in Genoa City.  She tells him to watch over Noah while she's in prison.

Kevin is at Jana's bedside when Gloria walks in.  Jana has a teeny tiny cut on her temple despite just having had her head cut open.

Colleen accuses Amber of being a liar.  Colleen thinks that Amber still has the money that she re-buried, and that she finagled a way to get Michael to represent her.  That way, she will get a light sentence, and then go out and keep the money.  The way Colleen sees it, Amber is the only one who needed the money.  But Amber points the finger at Ji Min.

Meanwhile, Katherine consoles Jill about losing Ji Min.  Jill almost sounds like a tranny.

Amber flashbacks to the night she buried the money.  She remembers that Ji Min was up when she returned from burying the money.  She sees Ji Min at the coffeehouse and offers to buy him a cup of coffee.  She's got something up her sleeve!!

Gloria catches one of the surgeons in the hall and asks if the tumor is what caused Jana's psychotic behavior.  The doctor says there is no way to be sure.

After the break, Amber pretends that she needs to change in her twenties at the bank for a hundred dollar bill, but she won't have time.  Ji Min says he has a Benjamin, so they do a trade.  Amber is scheming something up in that pretty blond head of hers.

Jack arrives at the coffeehouse to exchange terse words with Ji Min.

Gloria is the third to make a threat of bodily harm this episode.  She tells Jana that if she goes near her son again, she will live to regret it.

Jill asks Ji Min to meet her.  She says that if he really wants to get her back, he should go public with everything he knows about Jabot, even if that means hurting her mother and Jack and the possibility of jail for Ji Min.

Next time on The Young and the Restless: Amber and Kevin take on the assistant DA and Nick doesn't want Phyllis to leave him.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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