The Young and the Restless: October 15 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: October 15 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless begins today with two slackers discussing Phyllis.  Daniel apologizes to Jack for missing a staff meeting because he locked his keys in his car.  Jack tells him that it's okay, probably because Jack skipped the meeting as well.  Jack fills in Daniel in on Phyllis' denied appeal.

In prison, Phyllis is finally relaxing her guard with Jana.  They joke that have to hit the gym, as their best chance is to bulk up and bust out of the slammer.

Sharon suggests to Nick that they take up Cassie's Challenge again, to get their mind off of Phyllis.

After the opening credits, The Young and the Restless continues with Maggie and Heather discussing Ji Min's case at the coffeehouse.  Cane joins them, which makes things uncomfortable because Amber is the waitress.  Cane and Heather flirt, and then he takes his leave.  Maggie comments that he's cute.  Before she leaves, Maggie advises Heather to go for Cane, but Amber overhears this.

Cane comes back to the coffeehouse to find Heather alone.  He asks her out on a pre-date (the 10 or 15 minutes of talking before a real date) as Amber grouses to Daniel in the background.  I normally like evil, bitchy characters on soaps, but Adrienne Frantz unfortunately has an extremely irritating way of talking that drives me nuts.  Amber's shift is over, so he takes Amber off for a day of fun.

Sharon goes to Jack to ask his opinion on whether he minds her hosting Cassie's Challenge with Nick.  Jack tells her that he's uncomfortable with the idea, but Sharon gets a lightbulb over her head.

Heather takes Maggie's advice and decides to put off work in order to spend time with Cane.

Jana brings some coffee for Phyllis and suggests that they play a game of "Whose life sucks more?"  Jana wins.  Jana says that she's going to get some prison tattoos.  Phyllis is actually warming up to her.

Sharon asks Nick and Jack to meet with her.  She suggests that they move the venue of Cassie's Challenge into Jack's casino in the new development.  Jack loves the idea, but Nick is lukewarm to the idea because he doesn't want his daughter's memory to restore Jack's image.

Amber and Daniel are outside at the basketball court.  Daniel slams the ball against the wall to blow of steam.  They both look terribly awkward with the ball.  Amber whips the ball, but it is caught by Cane, who came to the court with Heather because he thought it was the last place Amber would be.  Daniel and Amber tell Cane and Heather to leave, but Heather challenges them to two-on-two.  This should be interesting.

Jana tells Phyllis that she's got something that Jana will probably never have: kids.  Jana wants two, maybe three.  Jana reminisces of her own childhood.  She says that if she had a daughter, she would name her Carmen, after the woman she killed.  Err, yeahhh, that'll go over well with Carmen's family.

Sharon asks Jack what's going on with the Senate Ethics Committee, but he's just waiting to hear back from them.  He asks her to fire some questions at him, so he can practice giving answers.  Sharon is wearing this fabulous deep v-nick black top with a long, chunky necklace.  I'm not always a fan of her outfits, but this one totally works.  Jack gets a call, and it's the chairman of the Ethics Committee.  Jack is happy to hear that his appearance before the committee has been delayed indefinitely, which means that they are not going to pursue fraud charges.  Jack thanks Sharon for holding him to a high standard and suggesting that he tell the truth only.  They plan to celebrate with a beer.

At the basketball court, Heather and Cane shut out Amber and Daniel.  Heather gets a leg cramp and Cane massages it for her, while gazing into her eyes.  Amber glares at them, and Daniel drags her out of there.  They go to the club for a post-workout drink, and Daniel asks her how she plans to finance the record that she plans to do that will launch her into stardom.  Of course, he doesn't know that she still has the money.  Daniel gets a call from Jana from prison, who is calling on Phyllis' behalf.

Amber gets on the phone with some executive at the recording label and tells him that she has the money to make her recording.  She sneaks upstairs into the room where she stashed the money.  She almost gets caught by a custodian, but he gets called away.  Amber takes an electric screwdriver out of her purse and unscrews the front of the airvent grating.  She takes the money that she stashed in there.  She is not in the clear yet, because she's still in the room and the custodian is about to come back.

Jack is at home and can't wait to start celebrating with Sharon.  But Maggie's at the door with a grim look on her face.

The warden arrives in the day room of the prison and says that because there was some contraband found in one of the blocks, he is going to limit the use of the day room to one hour per prisoner per day.  Phyllis gives him some lip and the guard takes her away in handcuffs.

Heather and Cane retire to the club, dressed in street clothes again.  He ices her legs for her, and she says that she left her jacket at the court.  He flirtatiously carries her out to the court.  They kiss, with her still in his arms.  Amber chooses that moment to walk outside to witness their liplock.

Sharon is still at work, double-checking the invitation list for Cassie's Challenge.  Sharon is about to go home to celebrate with Jack, but Nick comes by to talk to her before she leaves.

Maggie tells Jack that she has some more questions about Ji Min's death.  The dog comes by.  Maggie tells Jack that he was the last person seen outside of Ji Min's door the day he died.  Maggie tells him that Jack's dog's hair was found on Ji Min's body.

Next on The Young and the Restless: Building collapses and lots of people are in danger!

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