The Young and the Restless: September 4 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: September 4 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless enjoyed a three-day weekend, as did I, thanks to CBS broadcasting the U.S. Open on Labor Day.  But it's really as if there weren't a break at all, because Phyllis is still refusing to go to jail.  Daniel tries to convince Phyllis to turn herself in by making a lame reference to the Alamo.  She eventually does get dressed, but to bring Summer to the hospital.

Amber and Carson are still at the coffee shop.  To recap, Carson had scribbled down as many serial numbers as he could of the stolen loot, confirming that Ji Min has the money.  They plan on how they can get the money from him and how they are going to turn him in.

Meanwhile, Ji Min is getting ready for his tell-all interview.

With no good reason at all, Nick, Michael, Lauren and Daniel reluctantly go along with Phyllis's crazy plan to bring Summer to the hospital.

Carson calls Ji Min, pretending to be a reporter for the TV show that is broadcasting his confession.  Carson asks him to meet in twenty minutes to do a pre-interview.  Ji Min agrees.

David shows Nikki a press release that he prepared in anticipation of Ji Min's confession.  He wants Nikki to come out in support of Jack.

Katherine and Jack exchange harsh words about the Jabot scandal.  Jack calls Katherine senile, which royally pisses her off.  She swears that she will sue him to bankruptcy if she has to, and Sharon picks that opportune moment to walk by and overhear.

After the break, Katherine and Cane have left and Sharon comes in to ask Jack what's going on.  He tells her about Ji Min's exclusive interview.  The possible results could be lawsuits, bad publicity for the Clear Springs Project and forced resignation from the Senate.  Sharon offers her unconditional support.  Sharon brainstorms ideas on how to spin the story in his favor.

Katherine tells Cane about Ji Min's involvement with the stolen money.

Ji Min arrives at the coffeehouse, giving Amber a chance to break into his room to look for the money, but Jill is there so Amber can't get in.  Cane also arrives to tell Jill about the stolen money.

Phyllis and crew have arrived at the hospital.  Phyllis is frantic and explains to the nurse that her baby has a fever and the sniffles and a little cough.  Um, seriously?  Kids get sick all the time, and she is just trying to get out of going to jail, I think.  I mean, maybe not consciously.  I bet she really is worried about Summer, but she's just not seeing that it's not a big deal.  Of course, Summer is probably going to die now, and I'll have egg on my face.

Dr. Logan arrives in the waiting room.  She examines the baby and orders a nurse to get a room ready.  Now Nick is fully in support of Phyllis, not even trying to pretend to convince Phyllis to go to jail.  He tells Michael to do whatever he can to get an extension.

David and Nikki continue to flirt over their press release.

Cane meets Ji Min in the hallway and threatens him.  Carson and Amber realize that while Ji Min is giving his interview, Jill will most certainly be there with him, and that will give the schemers time to search Ji Min's room.

Phyllis and Nick come back to the waiting room because the doctors wouldn't let them stay in the examining room.  Phyllis is totally a drama queen, wailing that nobody would listen to her, even though she knew she was right about the seriousness of Summer's illness all along.

After the break, Dr. Logan comes out to give an update on Summer's state.  She put her on an IV and is still monitoring her.  Michael tells her that she has to turn herself in; he says it's his obligation to contact the sheriff's department to arrange for transportation to jail.  But he finally relents.  He says he'll call the deputy to explain Phyllis's situation, hopefully to buy a little more time.

Victor and Neil are discussing business matters and find out that Jack is the prime mover behind the withdrawal of Grandville Global.

Jack gets a call.  He has purchased Ji Min's ancestral home in Korea.  His grandparents will be getting an eviction notice unless he doesn't give the interview.  Sharon is shocked to find out the depths that Jack will go to in order to save himself.

David arranges an interview for Nikki with the same reporter who will be interviewing Ji Min.

Victor runs into Jack at the athletic club and succeeds in being very creepy.  Jack tells David that Ji Min has been contained and will not being giving the interview.  David says he's glad of that, but he's not entire convincing.  He's got something up his sleeve.

Police officers arrive at the hospital and arrest Phyllis.  Everyone, especially Phyllis and the rumbling cellos in the soundtrack, is really chewing the scenery here.

The Young and the Restless returns with a frantic David at the athletic club.  He had given the reporter some off-the-record details of Nikki's support of Jack 'n' Jabot, but now that Jack convinced Ji Min not to give the interview, they have a lot of work to do.

Jill meets the reporters, but Ji Min hasn't arrived yet, so she goes upstairs to look for him.  But Amber's outside the room.  Carson hasn't arrived yet and she gets impatient, so she goes in by herself.

Phyllis arrives at prison.  The guard is unsympathetic, despite Phyllis playing the mother card for, like, the twenty-seven billionth time.

Dr. Logan comes back to Phyllis's backup band to tell them that Summer has a severe infection of her lower respiratory tract and it's pretty severe.

Jill goes into Ji Min's room to find Amber there.  And Ji Min is lying on the floor!  Is he dead?  What happened?  I guess we'll have to wait to find out.

Next on The Young and the Restless: Nick needs to talk to Phyllis in prison, and Phyllis tries to get permission to call the hospital.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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