The Young and the Restless: October 3 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: October 3 Live Thoughts
On The Young and the Restless, it is the day that Sharon must go to prison to see Phyllis.  Jack, who has the emotional maturity of a sponge, continues to be snippy with his wife.  He makes snide comments about how she and Nick can open a kissing booth.  Maybe Jack should stop being an ass and go to work or something.

Lily goes to GCAC to tell Colleen all about her gym date with Cane.  Lily can't stop thinking about him.  The girls obsess over Cane.

Abby is in town visiting Brad from the set of The Bold and the Beautiful.  She reports that her mother Ashley is engaged to Ridge Forrester.  I have to commend little Abby for being one of the least annoying child soap actors I have ever seen.  I wish she could stay on The Young and the Restless and switch places with Noah.  Victor comes in and Abby scampers off to visit with him.  The two make cute conversations about puppies.  I am dying here.

Victoria and Brad discuss snippily that they're going to have to tell them about the parentage of Victoria's baby.

Colleen has the brilliant idea that Lily can pretend to have an assignment for school in which she has to interview Cane.  Lily, who is dumb, thinks it's a brilliant idea.  Does she think she's one of the adorable Tanner girls on Full House, or something?

In prison, Jana tries sincerely to make Phyllis feel better about Nick and Sharon's kiss, but Phyllis tells her to leave her alone.  The prison guard comes to get Phyllis because Sharon is waiting for her.

Brad tells Victoria that hopefully once Abby leaves The Young and the Restless set and goes back to The Bold and the Beautiful, she will forget about Victoria's baby.  They both agree not to tell Abby that the baby might not be her sister.

Phyllis and Sharon meet in prison.  Phyllis wants to know if Sharon did this as payback for Phyllis' affair with Nick.  Sharon assures her that they are just friends.  But Sharon and Nick share a child together, so they are going to have to figure out something.

Jack walks by Victor at the club.  Victor is reading all about Jack in the paper and gloats to Jack about it.  Victor says that Jack can always sell the Clear Springs casino to him, but Jack refuses.  Jack barks at Victor that he learns from his mistakes, something that Victor can learn from him.

Victoria and Nikki are at the office discussing boring business.  Nikki wants to go up to Clear Springs to see the site, but doesn't have time to go.  Victoria offers to in her stead, since she will be going up there to visit JT anyway.  Nikki tells her to take care of her health.  And at that, Nikki takes out some baby clothes she bought for her as a present, but it just makes Victoria sad.  All of it reminds her of her past miscarriage.

Phyllis tells Jack was so hurt by Sharon's indiscretion.  Phyllis said that her affair with Nick almost destroyed Jack.  Sharon says that she will work on her marriage and have a wonderful, happy life.  Phyllis doesn't buy it because not once in the conversation did Sharon say that she loves Jack.

Lily runs into Cane at the coffeehouse and tells him that she has to write about the differences in Generation Y among Americans and Australians for her cultural anthropology class.  She awkwardly asks him if she could interview him, and he agrees.

Brad has children on the mind and tells Colleen again about the day she was born.  She hopes that Victoria's baby is his son because she knows how much Brad will love him.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria espies the package of baby clothes that Nikki gave her and sifts through them, crying.

Cane tells Lily that in America, you live to work, but in Australia, you work to live.  He jokes that he drinks beer in his free time.  He says that Aussie young people travel a lot.  He tells Lily about watching the stars in the outback sky.  Cane says that he really wants to read her paper when it's done, but since it isn't a real assignment, she makes excuses.  She tells him that she's a sophomore in school, and she invites him to eat.  But he has a phone call to make, so she books it out of there.

Sharon is back from prison, and tells Noah that she has a gift idea for Jack.

Jack is at Newman and runs into Nikki.  They begin to argue.

Victor watches a news report stating that many big-time investors are pulling out of Clear Springs.

Lily frets about her faux-interview with Cane to Colleen.  Lily thinks that she should read the book He's Not That Into You, but Colleen is still convinced that Cane likes her.

Brad sees Victoria crying over the baby clothes and comes in.  She says that she's afraid of jinxing her pregnancy if she keeps the baby clothes that Nikki bought her.  She pulls out a jumper from the bag, the same outfit that Brad and Victoria bought for the previous pregnancy, but seriously, it looks like it would fit a toddler, not a newborn.

Sharon and apologizes to Jack, who is still avoiding her.  She presents him with a gift.  It's an mp3 player, filled with his favorite music that Noah helped her download.  She remembered his favorite music from a conversation they had when they first started dating.  It's a very thoughtful gift and Jack finally leans over to hug her.

In prison, Jana tells Phyllis that she has been given a clean bill of health from the doctor.  Jana asks if Sharon loves Jack, but by her nonresponse, Jana deduces that she doesn't.  Jana verbalizes what Phyllis is thinking, that Jack needs Phyllis right now.

Cane sits at the coffeehouse, contemplating the napkin he wrote on while talking to Lily.  Heather comes and sits with him, and he asks her to tell him why Ji Min's death is now being billed as a possible homicide.  Heather suspects that Cane might have had some involvement in the crime because he's so interested in finding out what happened.

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