The Young and the Restless: September 13 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: September 13 Live Thoughts
Another day, another episode of The Young and the Restless.  Michael exposits to Gloria about how Heather Stevens' attempt to offer Amber a deal.  She isn't too worried about her sons because they have the money to pay back the government, but Michael tells her in legalese that if one of them can't pay back, then they all go to jail.

Up in Ji Min's room, Amber is arguing with herself about what to do with the money.  Evil Amber says that she should take two thousand to make her demo tape that will finally launch her singing career.  Good-ish Amber looks like she's about to cave, but then remembers that taking the money was what got her in trouble in the first place.

After the opening credits, Noah asks Jack what happened with the tape, but Jack does his very best to lie to the little boy.  But Sharon passive-aggressives that it's unfortunate that people think they have to lie.  Right before commercials, Jack's dad appears and agrees with Sharon.  It must be supernatural day on The Young and the Restless, what with the appearance of John Abbott and Evil Amber.

Daniel arrives at the room to see how Amber is doing.  Amber hides the money before he arrives.  Evil Amber is still lurking, telling Good-ish Amber to get rid of Daniel.  Meanwhile, Kevin calls Daniel's cell to call both of them over for a meeting with Michael.  Amber agrees to go, but says that she wants to spend the night in the room after the meeting.  As soon as they leave, Paul Williams comes downstairs and lets himself into the room with a room keycard.  Does this hotel not change the locks of the room ever??

Sharon continues to chide Jack for his dishonest ways.  Old John Abbott lurks in the corner and gives his two cents, but of course, only Jack can hear him.  Sharon leaves, which allows Jack to have a father-son heart-to-heart.  John yells that he didn't have to lie.

Nikki goes to the athletic club to find Victor working out with a punching bag.  Man, for an old dude, he's not in bad shape.  Their bickering is broken up by Victoria, who is doing prenatal exercises.  Nikki tells Victoria that David is an attentive friend who gave her a thoughtful gift for her anniversary.  Victor had given her nothing.

At the meeting with Michael and the three felons, Michael tells them that they need to pay back the money all at once.  Gloria waltzes and announces that she's decided to cover Amber's share of the money.  No doubt, she has something up her lime green sleeves.

We return from commercials to learn that Gloria is only loaning Amber the money.  Amber gets angry and refuses to sign the papers to take the loan.  I really hate the way Amber talks when she gets upset.  Her shrill squawking is driving me nuts.

Victoria goes to Victor's office to talk to him about what happened with Nikki at the gym.  Victoria warns her father that he is going to lose his wife, but Victor corrects her, "My wife is going to lose me."  Oh snap.  Meanwhile, Nikki uses her newly-acquire keycard to visit David in his hotel room.

After the break, Amber goes into the whole poor girl from the wrong side of the tracks, woe is me routine.  She says that she'll figure out a way to get the money on her own because she doesn't want to have to owe Gloria anything.  The two boys try to convince her in vain that that is probably not the smart thing to do.

Sharon and Noah drink smoothies at the coffeeshop when Carter Campbell, the journalist, approach them to ask Sharon questions.  Noah gets angry and tells Carter to shut up and leave his mom alone.

Victor is in his office alone when he calls Nikki to tell her about some investors pulling out of the Clear Springs project.  But Nikki can't answer the phone because she is in bed with David, finally consummating their tawdry, tawdry love affair.

Amber returns to Ji Min's room to find Carson lying on the couch.  She spins an elaborate yarn about how she came to the hotel to take pictures for a magazine.  She eventually does kick him out, and then Carson runs into William in the hallway.

Sharon is back home with Jack.  Jack says that he can do a lot of good for the state of Wisconsin, but he can't if his political career is over.  Sharon is tired of covering for his lies.

Nikki is dressed now, and David seems to be in the shower.  She looks guilt-stricken and takes a trip down memory lane, hitting the highlights of her relationship with Victor.  The trip goes through the '70s, '80s and '90s.  Let me tell you, Victor's hair and mustache were AWESOME back in the day.  Nikki looks remorseful until she begins to remember his temper and controlling behavior.  She calls Victor's office, but then hangs up before she answering.

Evil Amber and Good-ish Amber are back in the hotel room, each swaddled cosily in the plush hotel bathrobe.  There is a knock at the door and it is Gloria.  Gloria has decided to listen to her son and give Amber the money with no strings attached.  Evil Amber rejoices that now she can both pay back the government and keep the stolen loot.  Good-ish Amber beams.

Next on The Young and the Restless: Cane checks out Lily, Victoria is worried about Victor more than Nikki.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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