Exclusive Interview: Adrienne Frantz, from 'The Young and the Restless'
Exclusive Interview: Adrienne Frantz, from 'The Young and the Restless'
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Adrienne Frantz has been starring in soap operas for more than 10 years, not easy for a woman under 30.  Most famous as Amber Ashby on the show The Bold and the Beautiful, after taking some time off she returned to daytime television in that same role, but on a different show - The Young and the Restless.

When not acting, she's a musician, and her debut album, Anomaly was recently released.  Adrienne spoke to BuddyTV about her decision to return to soaps and her burgeoning music career.  Below you will find a complete transcript of the interview as well as the mp3 audio file.

Hi, this is John from Buddy TV, talking to Adrienne Frantz from the soap opera The Young and the Restless. How are you doing, Adrienne?

Good, how are you?

I'm OK. Now, you started in the soap world over 10 years ago, right?

Yeah, I started when I was a kid.

Impressive talent for such a young woman. And I'm just wondering, what have you learned in all that time?

How to be a better actor?... I don't know, it's a lot, you know. You become like a little sponge, and you just take so much from all the great actors you're working with, because there's a lot of really good people in soaps. There's some bad actors, but for the most part there's a lot of good actors who's been on for years and years, practically their entire lives.

You know, the older people, and you learn so much, and you learn how to really make everything real and count, that you can actually feel the emotions of the characters and what they're going through. I think when I first started out, I was really green and just worried about my lines, and hoping I was saying them right. It becomes second nature, I think that's it.

OK. And you were actually on The Bold and the Beautiful before this, playing the same character, playing Amber. And now you've come back on The Young and the Restless. Why did you decide to come back to soaps?

It's something funny, you know. They said they wanted me to come on The Young and the Restless playing the same character I did on The Bold and the Beautiful. I always said that if I ever went back into soaps again, it would be to play the same character, because I think it's probably one of the best characters in daytime.

She's very unpredictable, and she has lots of layers to her. There's just this character I've developed over time, and I just really enjoy playing her. I thought that would be fun going onto Y&R playing the same character, because I know all of the people over there, so it's basically getting to work with all my friends. So it's kind of fun.

And now you say, about living with this character and playing her for 10 years, how invested are you in what happens to her? And when you read a script, do you like, “Oh no, she'd never do this,” or are you scared of her or what might happen to her?

I mean, it's comical. Because when they wanted me to come on, I went to dinner with them, because I wanted to see what I was gonna be doing. So it's a dinner with the executive producers, and they told me the whole storyline and everything, and they really wanted to make sure that it was something that I would want to do.

They also had to get permission from Bradley Bell who created the character on The Bold and the Beautiful, to have me come over to The Young and the Restless. They had to OK everything with him too. They're not allowed to kill me off, and not allowed to… you know, there's a bunch of things like that. It's cool, she basically can get away with murder.

And with 10 years, I'm wondering do you have a special scene or plotline or moment that has been your favorite?

I don't know, there's been so many over the years. I'd have to say probably years and years ago on The Bold and the Beautiful, my baby died. There was this baby funeral, it was so sad, and it's just probably one of the best things I've ever done.

There's been so many things over the years, but that was the first time I ever really emotionally connected that hard to the character, and just felt every single thing every day that she'd be going through. She lost her baby, you know, so that was pretty emotional.

Can you give us any hints about what's coming up with your character on The Young and the Restless?

Trouble, always. The character comes through a slew of trouble, always. You can always expect the unexpected to come at her, basically having trouble everywhere in everyone's life, basically ripping everyone's lives apart. What could be more fun than that? Playing the good girl's never fun, playing the bad girl's always fun. You can expect her to turn everyone's lives upside down.

Now, in addition to your role on the soap, earlier this year you actually released your first CD, correct?


Has music always been a passion for you? Have you always wanted to break into that world?

Oh yes, definitely. I started singing before I started acting. I was a trained opera singer from age six on, and it's just something I've always done. I wrote my first song when I was nine, even earlier than that, but the first actual song I remember writing was when I was nine. I've always written songs, it was never a matter of not doing it, it's just a matter of the right time.

Your first CD is titled Anomaly, correct?

Anomaly, yeah.

Why did you choose that title?

I had a lot of ex-boyfriends call me an anomaly. (laughter) Really, that's why. An anomaly means a deviation or departure from anything normal, and in addition, it's kind of something that people wouldn't expect from me, just the general public. You can actually have a good CD come out of an actor. Lots of times, people go, “Oh, they're an actor, there's no way they can write or sing music.” But I do, and I think it's an anomaly to the business, in a way.

OK, do you have any other plans? The summer's now almost over, actually, but other than working on The Young and the Restless, what are your plans?

Well, I'm hoping to start up a fall tour, and just go out and promote the album. Everyone can go onto iTunes and download it, it's doing pretty well, I'm happy about it. And just keep on promoting the album and seeing what happens with it, and going all around the world and doing concerts and stuff. I'm really looking forward to going on tour, so that's my next step.

-Interview conducted by John Kubicek
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