The Best Mulder/Scully Moments from 'The X-Files' Season 10
The Best Mulder/Scully Moments from 'The X-Files' Season 10
Meredith Jacobs
Meredith Jacobs
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Whether or not Mulder and Scully are involved romantically doesn't change the fact that these X-Files partners are the best when they're together. When the revival began, they had already broken up off-screen in the time since the second movie, but that hasn't changed the fact that they deeply care about one another. And no one in this series works together as well as these two do.

Here's the best of Mulder and Scully together in season 10.

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Mulder and Scully's Reunion

XFiles MS 1.gifWhen Tad O'Malley wants to talk to Mulder, he reaches out to the FBI. Mulder and Scully are broken up, living separate lives, but she's the only one who can contact him, so Skinner calls her. The partners have a small window for their reunion before Tad shows up, but it is so good to see them together again, knowing that they've been apart. "I'm always happy to see you," she tells him. "And I'm always happy to find a reason," he replies.

Scully Recognizes When Mulder Might Be Going Too Far

XFiles MS 2.gif
When she tracks down Mulder and he goes on about a conspiracy of men, she knows that he's getting into dangerous territory -- and she knows just how he can get when he's obsessed.

Mulder and Scully Haven't Forgotten About William

Their case involving a doctor experimenting on embryos causes Scully to wonder if she was "just" an incubator. "You're never 'just' anything to me," he assures her. And while he tells her that he's felt like he had to put William behind them, they both imagine a world where they got to raise their son.

Scully's Good at Humoring Mulder

In the third episode, Mulder has an existential crisis when it comes to chasing monsters. In their time away, much of the unexplained had been explained. Scully has known him long enough to just sit back and let him rant before asking, "Have you been taking your meds?"

XFiles MS 3.gifThen, later in the episode, after he tries to explain the monster that shot blood out of its eyeball at him with a scientific explanation from online, she tells him, "Mulder, the internet is not good for you."

XFiles MS 4.gifAnd she just sits back and lets him talk about his latest theory in the motel -- even providing her part of the conversation as he has in the past -- before telling him, "This is how I like my Mulder." That doesn't mean she doesn't think he's "bat-crap crazy."

Mulder's There for Scully When Her Mother's in the Hospital

Though he says he can't stay long due to the case, when he gets there, he's there until she says she has to work. He "invented" the ability to wish someone back to life when she was in the hospital, he tells her as they sit at her mother's bedside. And he's there for Margaret's final words (about their son).

Words Aren't Necessary with These Two

XFiles MS 5.pngAfter her mother dies, Scully realizes that she had been asking about her estranged son and had used her final words to remind them of their son because as parents, they're responsible for their children. She wanted to make sure they'd make sure William's okay. And as Scully tells Mulder this, he just sits with her and comforts her. 

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"Nobody but the FBI's Most Unwanted. I've been waiting 23 years to say that."

Scully's response to a knock on their office door is a callback to their first meeting.

Even with the World Possibly Ending, Scully Still Gets to Mulder

XFiles MS 7.pngTraffic jams and looters aren't going to stop Scully from reaching Mulder. With Mulder dying from the Spartan virus, Scully manages to reach him with her alien DNA, but unfortunately, she may be too late. The only thing that might be able to help him is stem cells -- from their son, whose whereabouts are unknown.

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