'X Factor' Update: New Promo, Awful Auditions and Bonding at the Judging Table
'X Factor' Update:  New Promo, Awful Auditions and Bonding at the Judging Table
Jenn Lee
Jenn Lee
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
The auditions for The X Factor have officially begun, and despite earlier rumors that new (and expensive) addition Britney Spears was struggling with her judging duties, the pop star has managed to find her groove on the show.

At The X Factor's first auditions in Austin, it was reported that Spears left the judging table after a contestant botched their rendition of her song "Hold It Against Me." Spears later countered the reports through her Twitter account, tweeting, "LOL was just taking a break people. I am having the BEST time!!!"

Then in Kansas City last weekend, more promising reports filtered in, as well as the X Factor judges' first interview with the press. Spears stood alongside judges L.A. Reid, fellow newcomer Demi Lovato and Louis Walsh, a veteran judge on the British X Factor and sub for Simon Cowell, who was recovering from bronchitis. Spears told the press that while there had been some good performances so far, many of them had been a bit "bizarre."

To further illustrate this point, People revealed that all four judges walked out of an audition on Saturday after a dreadful contestant insisted on singing with his back to the panel. "It was really awkward," said an audience member. "[The judges] didn't want to waste their time."

Though they haven't quite found someone with the X Factor yet, on the bright side, the judges seem to be building a good chemistry. Both Reid and stand-in Walsh said they got along with Spears well, and Reid even said, "We tend to agree with Britney more than others... she has amazing taste." Spears returned the praise, saying, "I love Louis, he's really fun and I think he's absolutely adorable." The pop star even gave a shoutout to Cowell, admitting, "I do miss Simon a little bit though" to Celebuzz. Lovato and Spears also described how they both sympathized with the amateurs, having been in their position before their successful careers took off.

This doesn't mean the two ladies can't dish out the criticism, though. Lovato claimed, "They're asking for your advice, and by stepping on that stage, they also know that you could not like their performance." According to People, Spears shares this sentiment with her "incredibly tough" side. But the singer also "loves interesting and fun auditions and is prepared to stick her neck out and support someone no matter if some of the other judges disagree," revealed the source. For her part, Spears said, "It's all tough love... I promise!" via Twitter.

Check out the new promo video below - what do you think of Britney Spears and Demi Lovato as new X Factor judges? Will their added presence make you tune in when the second season airs this fall?

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