'X Factor' Season 2 Audition Dates Announced: Artists with 'Pre-Existing Management Contracts' Can Join In
'X Factor' Season 2 Audition Dates Announced: Artists with 'Pre-Existing Management Contracts' Can Join In
You'd never think The X Factor would still be going after losing two judges and a host a few weeks back, but it is still on -- and now they're announced audition dates for the show's second season this fall.

And there's an interesting new twist to this season's auditions: now artists with "pre-existing management contracts" can try out for the show. In other words, you can still try your luck on The X Factor even if you already have a manager at the moment, as opposed to American Idol, where hopefuls should not have a current management or record deal before trying out.

"We wanted to change a few things this year, so starting with the auditions, we've torn up the rulebook again," Simon Cowell said in the press release announcing the dates. "We're here to discover stars from all music styles including groups. I really believe a group can win this show!"

Hmm. It makes sense, having artists with management deals audition for the show now. Especially if you're a little-known boy band who can't get a break. You can win the show! Also, we don't have to make groups that don't jive well and get eliminated early! I must mention, though, that the most recent winner of the British X Factor is a group: Little Mix was formed out of four auditioners who didn't make it past the boot camp round.

But a part of me thinks that this move is in response to yet another singing competition, NBC's The Voice, where some of the talent have obviously been to places, in the past or present. I'm not sure what that show's rules on management deals are, but they have contestants who are currently members of active bands, so...

Anyway, back to the audition dates. As always, you can audition three ways: you can audition online on the X Factor website starting March 1, and you can also audition in MyStudio recording studios across the country on the same date. If you want to attend an open call, the dates are as follows:

March 14: Kansas City, MO
March 22: Austin, TX
April 20: San Francisco, CA
May 1: Greensboro, NC

An extra date will be announced in due course.

So, you know, if you want to try out for The X Factor, then you know what to do... but let's see if Simon can find a winning group like he wishes.

(Image courtesy of Fox)