What to Expect From the Judges of 'The X Factor'
FOX will once again open its doors to Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell as The X Factor premieres this September. They're bringing Nicole Scherzinger and L.A. Reid with them on the panel, which we hear will be interesting to witness. Especially since the show's been dubbed as the darker, meaner version of Idol.

Maybe that's all just Simon. During the TCA press tour panel, he explained: "We didn't make an intentional effort to be mean, I mean, that's just in us. It's just what happens on the show. The contestants are mean to us and sometimes we've been harsh back to them."

We probably won't see him biting off people's heads though. 

To complement Cowell's tough love, The X Factor has Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger. But from the promotional photos from the series, it looks like they're in a competition of their own. The Daily Mail noticed how both ladies looked fierce as they donned those little black dresses.

The two ladies were also spotted at the FOX All-Star party held for the show, with fellow judge L.A. Reid. JustJared reports that they were gathered at the Beverly Hilton Hotel earlier that day to discuss The X Factor.

FOX also released clips for the Making Of the First Promo, featuring Simon's big idea for the show. You see, it all began with one nightmare.

You can watch the two videos of The X Factor below.

  • Simon, in pink. Laughing. And talking about spirit.
  • The little girl singing that song from Annie, which is sure to get stuck in your head
  • Notice the abundance of the Pepsi logo? That's a nod to the additional prize: the winner will be starring in a commercial to be aired during the Super Bowl.
  • L.A. Reid saying "I don't know what we were doing, but I enjoyed it. I know everyone looked great."
Also, here's a sneak peek at EW.com's exclusive promo photo for the show. Don't miss The X Factor as it premieres on September 21, 8pm on FOX.

(Image courtesy of FOX)