[Videos] 'The X Factor' Auditions Part 5: The One Singer to Watch
[Videos] 'The X Factor' Auditions Part 5: The One Singer to Watch
Jeff Dodge
Jeff Dodge
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I want to start off by posing a question: what in the world was going on with the judges on last night's X Factor? At one point, Simon Cowell was late, then later on, both Demi Lovato and Paulina Rubio were gone, with no excuse or reason given for their absence. Have you noticed how often this season the judges are just leaving left and right? It's as if they don't care whether they're there or not.

Like I said before, there needs to be a clause in their contract that stipulates their required attendance unless they fall ill or an emergency comes up. Anyone else agree with me?

At this rate, next week only one judge will be sitting at the table watching the final auditions. Maybe they can start pulling people from the audience to fill in. They can always call me -- I'll drop everything I'm doing to be a guest judge. Call me Simon 2.0.

But enough about the judges. Let's focus on what should really matter: the talent. (Crickets.) Yeah, last night's fifth audition episode was much like last Thursday's in that some good singers were featured, but there really wasn't anyone who was exceptional aside from maybe one.

The most memorable moments came from the rejected contestants. First, David Gray proposed to his girlfriend, who was also auditioning. And then Secondhand High closed out the show with a terrible song, "You'd Better Ask Me to Dance." Her voice was so annoying, I wanted to mute the TV. They didn't advance to the next round, but I'm telling you, they should try out for America's Got Talent because the judges over there will say yes in a heartbeat. (See Tone the Chiefrocca's "B-Double-O-T-Y" from this past summer.)

So ... what about the good singers? There's Tim Olstad, who sang "A Thousand Years." And while's he's got a great voice, he's doesn't have much of a personality, so he's forgettable, in a way. Though I would love it if he blew us away in the next round by getting rid of his nerves and showing that he really wants to be there.

Khaya Cohen stood out to me. She's 15, and was given a second chance after Simon didn't like her first song. Performing "I Put a Spell on You," she has an interesting jazzy tone to her voice. She's not polished. In a way, I'm on the fence with her, because while she's by no means perfect, there's something intriguing about her.

I also liked James Kenny, who performed "Summertime." I wasn't expecting a guy to sing this song, but you know what? It suits his style, and he's got a great voice.

The One Singer to Watch: Lorie Moore

The one singer that stood out based on talent was Lori Moore, who sang Whitney Houston's "I Have Nothing." She's a professional women's football player. That alone makes her stand out. But then she opened her mouth and I was blown away by not only the power in her voice, but also her control and falsetto.

What did you think of the latest round of auditions? Did anybody else stand out to you aside from Lorie Moore? And what do you think of the judges coming and going as they please?

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