The 'X' Files: 'X Factor' Fantasy TV is Live! And More You Should Know Before the Live Shows
The 'X' Files: 'X Factor' Fantasy TV is Live! And More You Should Know Before the Live Shows
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
First things first: Did you see the X Factor top 17 promo photos yet? And sound off on Simon's surprising save of Melanie Amaro?

Well, now that that's out of the way, check out what else is new in the land of The X Factor:

Think you know who will be the next to go on The X Factor?
Then be sure to join our X Factor Fantasy TV League! Every week, you make three picks for which acts will get the boot, and get victory points when you're right. Sure, the prize isn't $5 million, but it's better than nothing!

Still Reeling from Watching Your Favorite Get Eliminated at Judges' Homes?
Get some closure with these farewell statements from the 16 eliminated acts. (And the non-eliminated ones, too.) Sniff.

L.A. Reid Wishes HE Got a Fifth Team Member, Too
... but he's come to terms with Simon's special privileges. "If I were Simon and I could have five [singers], it would have been a little simpler," Reid said in a conference call today. "But I'm not Simon, and I can only have four."

And L.A. Had Only Great Things to Say About Chris Rene
"I have faith in Chris. I think he is going to emerge as an amazing star, and also a man we can be proud of who does have the strength to overcome the disease we call addiction," Reid said on the same conference call. He also said that Rene has kept his promise to stay straight, and "looks amazing." Yaaay! People who are amazing singers and who look amazing and who are NOT addicted to drugs are the best kind of people.

Guess Which American Idol Star Inspired Chris to Apply for The X Factor?
Did you make your guess yet? You did? OK, go find out if you're right!

Speaking of Adorable, Amazing Chris Rene...
Check out these photos of him as a baby! Cuuuuuute! Can you tell that he's one of my favorites yet?

Despite What You Might Have Heard, Steve Jones is NOT Fired!
Simon Cowell may be tough, but he's no The Donald. "There is a lot of speculation about Steve Jones leaving the show. To avoid any confusion, Steve will be hosting all of the live shows and he's doing a great job," Simon told Page Six. Which is good news for us, because Steve Jones is VERY pretty, and for Jones, who is reportedly in talks to be X Factor sponsor Pepsi's new spokesman.

Speaking of Very Pretty, "Really, Really Single" Steve Jones...
Guess which eliminated X Factor contestant he has a crush on? I bet you can guess. I have a crush on her, too! Who DOESN'T?

When ARE the Live Shows Anyway?
Tuesday, October 25, 8-10:30pm: In this special live two-and-a-half-hour episode, all 17 acts will perform, and one FIVE will be eliminated by the judges, leaving the true Top 16 Top 12.
Wednesday, November 2, 8-10pm: The Top 16  Top 12 will take the stage live to compete for your affections in the first live show when America gets to vote.

UPDATE! As the below promo seems to indicate, after all the performances in Tuesday's live show, it seems that the judges will eliminate FIVE acts, to leave the Top 12 acts for the remaining week. The stakes just got a whole lot higher. Which acts do you hope/believe will live to sing another week?

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