'The X Factor' Top 4 Semi-Finalists Results: Bridgit Mendler and Bruno Mars Perform
'The X Factor' Top 4 Semi-Finalists Results: Bridgit Mendler and Bruno Mars Perform
Jilliane Johnson
Jilliane Johnson
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In case you missed last night's performances, The X Factor is nearing its second season ending. The Top 4 acts, Emblem3, Fifth Harmony, Carly Rose Sonenclar and Tate Stevens, sang two songs each, one chosen by the act and the other chosen by their mentor. Whether this meant double the entertainment or double the torture is entirely up to you, America.

Stick around for (I know I mention it every week) another upset as the Top 4 become the Top 3. Plus, Bridgit Mendler and Bruno Mars perform live!

The judges' choice is no more! Tonight's results are based on America's votes, alone! But before we get to the serious business ...

The Top 4
"I'm Coming Home"

I'm not usually a fan of bringing all the competitors together to sing a song just for the sake of the show, but this is arranged very nicely. Poor Tate just looks really out of place on stage with so many youngsters. 

Montage time? Yes!

Remember each act performed twice last night.

Round One:

Tate Stevens persuaded LA to wear a cowboy hat. Carly Rose is still working hard for each performance. Emblem3 finally wins Demi's approval. Fifth Harmony broke their harmony down to the beat. 

Round Two:

Tate is most likely not going back to his old job. Carly Rose did way too much to John Lennon's "Imagine." Emblem3 gets the crowd involved with "Hey, Jude." And Fifth Harmony leaves the judges nervous about their Finals placement.

The first of three Finalists is ...

Fifth Harmony!

While the girls are just as excited/surprised as their mentor Simon and anyone else watching, Britney and her act Carly Rose are visibly displeased. The look on Britney's face is ... just odd. Congratulations, though, to the girls of Fifth Harmony! Two more spots in the Finals remain.

This Just In!

Is LA Reid pulling America's leg or is he really sitting next season out

Guest Performance

Bridgit Mendler
"Ready or Not"

Yet another Disney star turned radio airwaves breakout sensation graces the X Factor stage as Bridgit performs her hit single. I would like to know what Demi thinks of her efforts and if she has any advice. 

Taking the second spot in the Finals is ...

Tate Stevens!

Guest Performance

Bruno Mars
"Locked Out Of Heaven"

Here's someone that the X Factor contestants can learn from. Bruno's stage presence, voice, style, etc. are worthy of taking notes. Plus, he looks like he enjoys it. 

And the last spot in the finals goes to ...

Carly Rose Sonenclar

Eliminated: Emblem3

Told you it would be a shocker! Emblem3 was a shoe-in to win this competition, but the votes just were not there. Instead, Fifth Harmony, Carly Rose Sonenclar and Tate Stevens will duke it out in next week's finale for that $5 million recording contract.

Make sure you tune in Wednesday night for another all-new episode of The X Factor!

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