'The X Factor' Season 3 Spoilers: Who's in the Top 16?
'The X Factor' Season 3 Spoilers: Who's in the Top 16?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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The X Factor has narrowed down its season 3 finalists to the Top 40, 10 acts in each category, and now it's time for the new Four-Chair Challenge round. Each mentor will whittle their teams down to the four acts that will perform on the live shows.

The Four-Chair Challenge rounds took place three weeks ago, and thanks to IdolForums, the results were spilled so we know who will be moving on.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains The X Factor season 3 spoilers. Do not read if you don't want to be spoiled.
Here's which four acts made it to the live shows in each of the categories.

The Boys

Carlito Olivero: The very first singer we saw this season, he's the upbeat barista who aspires to be the Latino Chris Brown.

Carlos Guevara: He's the lovable guy with Tourrette Syndrome and an extremely raspy voice.

Josh Levi: This 14-year-old kid with a lot of swagger performed Selena Gomez's "Come and Get It" and stole the judges' hearts.

Tim Olstad: He's the extremely nervous Minnesotan who the judges found incredibly boring before singing "A Thousand Years."

My First Impressions: The guys won't be winning this year and mentor Paulina Rubio has chosen poorly. Olstad is too boring and I know everyone loves Guevara's voice, but I don't and found it annoying. Also, maybe they're actually the best, but I find it interesting that, with Rubio as the mentor, two Latino boys are moving on to the live shows.

The Girls

Khaya Cohen: She's the jazzy 15-year-old who Simon Cowell stopped and made sing a different song when she auditioned.

Ellona Santiago: She's the girl who also made it to the Top 16 back in season 1 as a part of the manufactured group InTENsity.

Danie Geimer: She's the quirky, nerdy 15-year-old who sang "House of the Rising Sun."

Rion Paige: The pint-sized country girl with the deformed hands who stole our hearts with her Carrie Underwood cover in the first episode.

My First Impressions: Demi Lovato has assembled a pretty solid line-up. Sure it's an impossibly young group (Ellona, at 17, is the oldest), but there's something for everyone. Ellona has the experience, Danie has the nerd vote and Rion is such a stunning display of vocal power and inspirational story that she should definitely be there at the finale.

The Over 25s

James Kenney: He's the hunky apartment complex manager who made it to the judges' houses back in season 1.

Jeff Gutt: He's the rocker and dad who made it to boot camp last season.

Lillie McCloud: She's the 54-year-old grandma with a huge afro from the first episode whose voice was almost amazing as how young she looks.

Rachel Potter: She's the country singer who was worried that her time was over and she's too old to succeed because she's 29.

My First Impressions: I definitely give the edge to Lillie, as she was one of my favorites for the entire audition process. But none of the others are really that compelling to me.

The Groups

Alex and Sierra: This adorable couple was the first group of the season with their sultry version of Britney Spears' "Toxic."

Roxxy Montana: This sister trio was declared at the auditions to possibly be the best group ever, according to Simon Cowell.

Restless Road: This is the manufactured country boy band with Andrew Scholz, Colton Pack and Zach Beeken.

Sweet Suspense: This is the manufactured girl group with Celine Polenghi, Summer Reign and Millie Thrasher.

My First Impressions: It's no surprise that two of the groups moving on are ones the judges created. I love Alex and Sierra, but I'm worried about Restless Road. A country boy band? In other words, Simon is brilliantly combining the powers of all of the people who voted for Tate Stevens and all of the people who voted for Emblem3.

That's the Top 16 who will move on to the live shows after two weeks of the Four-Chair Challenge. I find it interesting that all four singers from the first audition episode (Carlito, Rion, Lillie and Alex and Sierra) are moving on. And country is well-represented with Rachel, Rion and Restless Road.

There are also a lot of the 23 total individuals moving on, 12 (more than half) are teens. From the eight Boys and Girls, Carlito and Tim are the only ones old enough to vote or buy cigarettes.

Who do you think will win The X Factor season 3? And after victories by Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid, will a female mentor be able to win?

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