'The X Factor' Roundup: Depeche Mode Guitarist Wants to Shoot Simon Cowell and More
'The X Factor' Roundup: Depeche Mode Guitarist Wants to Shoot Simon Cowell and More
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Simon Cowell has lashed back at yet another one of his enemies and becomes the latest celebrity swatting victim in Los Angeles. Find out more in this week's roundup.

Simon Cowell vs. Martin Gore

The X Factor judge vented on Twitter after Depeche Mode guitarist Martin Gore told Music Week, "I'm not advocating violence, but I think somebody should shoot Simon Cowell. His influence in the music industry over the last God knows how many years it's been now. It's just like, so many people think that that's what music is."

Cowell, who obviously isn't happy about Gore's statement, took to Twitter and aired out his frustration. 

"I read Martin gore wants to shoot me. He was is in depeche mode. Do you realise how weird and stupid that makes you. Go and watch the news," Cowell tweeted. "Why I am angry about weirdo gore is a ton of people have got shot this year and people. Like weirdo gore encourage this."

Simon the Swatting Victim 

Engaging in a war of words with Gore isn't the only unfortunate incident this week for Cowell. Someone played a prank on the X Factor judge by calling 911 on Sunday and claiming that Cowell was duct taped in his home. According to TMZ's source, the female caller said that Cowell was being held hostage in the bathroom of his Beverly Hills house. The police responded to the call but found that it was all a hoax. 

Lyric 145 Releases Track 

Lyric 145 may have been eliminated on The X Factor but the group is determined to release the track they originally planned to perform during Diva Week. The group got the lowest votes in the third week of the competition based on their performance of Katy Perry's "E.T." and Queen's "We Will Rock You." According to the trio, they were forced to change their song at the last minute. 

"We had to learn a brand new song within a couple of hours," band member Lyric Da Queen told TV Guide after their elimination. "I'm actually proud of us for executing the performance the way we did, being that we had so little time."

Now fans can listen to the group's rendition of Aretha Franklin's "R.E.S.P.E.C.T."

"We Love Our NOBLEZ So Much U Deserve To Hear The Song We Were Originally SUPPOSE 2do for 'Diva Week' So HERE IT IS!!" the group wrote.

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