'The X Factor' Results: One Direction and Two Eliminations
'The X Factor' Results: One Direction and Two Eliminations
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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The X Factor is moving quickly. Three weeks ago the Top 16 acts performed and after tonight only eight will remain. It's another double elimination, which Mario Lopez makes sound like a big deal even though almost every week is a double elimination on this show. After tonight there are only three more results shows before the final week, so we'll certainly have a few more.

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It's also a chance for Simon Cowell and the show to remind us that One Direction, who will perform, started out on The X Factor. Well, the British version of The X Factor. The implication that the U.S. version has the potential for a similar effect is quite misleading. And I should note that 1D actually performed last night, but they're going to show it tonight and most likely pretend that it's part of the live show.

I'm predicting that Tim Olstad and Lillie McCloud will be eliminated, though that may just be wishful thinking. I tend to agree with Simon that Carlito Olivero could also be in trouble.

It's fun watching the recap where Simon Cowell loved and praised Carlito and Lillie, but then at the end of the night he predicted that they're both in danger. It's almost as fun as hearing the live audience cheer about One Direction even though their performance was filmed last night, so this audience won't actually get to see them in person.

Instead of a Top 10 group performance, we hear everyone talk about the fear of performing. They make it sound like if they don't win The X Factor, they will die and their lives will be over. When one of the dudes in Restless Road says he doesn't have a back-up plan if this doesn't work out, I pity him.

The Results, Part 1

It's time to get rid of the act with the lowest number of votes.

Khaya Cohen is eliminated!

Oof, that hurts. She's been good with a lot of potential, and this is painful. It's obvious that she's not going home because of a lack of talent, it's because she came across as unlikeable. I suppose I should've seen this coming based on her being in the bottom three last week, but I thought being in danger would've inspired people to vote for her. I guess the much smaller audience doesn't make that true, so next week I'm predicting that whoever survives tonight's final showdown will go home.

One Direction

According to this show, they are the biggest boy band "ever," "on the planet" and "in the world." I'll be honest, I'm into their fun pop songs, but I don't get the 1D Insanity that seems to afflict so many teen girls. I'm not a huge fan of this slower, more emotional song. Give me "Live While We're Young" or "Best Song Ever" any day of the week over this. Also, since this is maybe my only platform to write about these boys, why are people into Harry Styles? He needs a tattoo intervention because his body looks like a teen girl's notebook, full of doodles of butterflies and stuff.

Finally, their performance and vocals are great. If anything, it makes it more obvious how weak Restless Road is. They're no 1D. They have neither the stage presence nor the voices of these British boys.

The Results, Part 2

Now we get to find out who will be singing for their lives. They are in no particular order.

The first act in the Top 8 is...Rion Paige!
The second act in the Top 8 is...Josh Levi!
The third act in the Top 8 is...Alex and Sierra! (Yay!)
The fourth act in the Top 8 is...Lillie McCloud! WTF?
The fifth act in the Top 8 is...Jeff Gutt!
The sixth act in the Top 8 is...Ellona Santiago!
The seventh act in the Top 8 is...Restless Road!

This means we've got a Boy Fight! Carlito Olivero and Tim Olstad are in the bottom. Ha, I'm glad America has penalized Paulina Rubio's bad mentorship. This should be interesting, because I don't think the judges want either to move on.

The Final Showdown

I find it hard to take Mario Lopez seriously when he keeps saying "Boy vs. Boy." It's like those videos George Sr. made of Michael and GOB on Arrested Development. And since I'm complaining, why does he always let the mentors introduce the singers? That adds nothing to the show.

Tim Olstad sings Josh Groban's "You Raise Me Up." Of course he does. This is just sad. Tim is no Groban and he adds nothing to this song. Sure, he's a solid singer, but would anybody go to see his concerts?

Carlito Olivero does "Beneath Your Beautiful" by Labrinth. This might be the best he's ever been. He's the suave and sexy heartthrob the show wants him to be. In a brilliant bit of campaigning, he serenades Demi Lovato at the end to win her vote. This is fundamentally a battle of faces, because Tim's is blank when he performs while Carlito's contorts and strains with every syllable.

The Results, Part 3

Now for the most frustrating part of The X Factor, when the judges ramble on and waste time getting to then point when they know exactly who they're voting to send home.

Before that, Mario makes the boys talk about why they should stay. Tim thinks he's growing because of the judges' constructive criticism. Carlito says he came from nothing, "from dirt," and that he's a fighter who will never quit.

Kelly Rowland votes to send home...Tim Olstad!
Demi Lovato votes to send home...Tim Olstad!
Paulina Rubio votes to send home...Tim Olstad!

Tim Olstad is eliminated!

Simon Cowell didn't even get to vote. Hopefully this time his elimination sticks. Don't feel too bad for Tim, he became friends with Sarah Hyland, which is, in my opinion, better than winning this show.

Next week is Big Band Week. It's also Thanksgiving, but I'll still be here on Turkey Day Eve and on the actual day of thanks to cover the show.

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