The 10 Funniest Moments of 'The X Factor' Judges' Homes Part 2
The 10 Funniest Moments of 'The X Factor' Judges' Homes Part 2
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The X Factor is all about BIG, BIG, BIG. Big voices. Big performances. Big personalities. And, best/biggest of all, those big moments when a performer gets one step closer to that 5 million dollars.

But during these audition stages, especially the last two episodes at the judges' homes, my favorite parts of each episode have become the quirky little moments between the big ones -- the weird little facial expressions and awkward interactions that remind us that, despite all the sleek production and editing, these are still real human beings in an extremely unrealistic situation. And that's just about the best recipe for hilarity that there ever was.

So here, in celebration and no particular order, are my favorite funny moments from last night's X Factor USA:

1. Pharrell's "Stereo Hoggz are so sick that they are MAKING ME SICK!" face. (Or maybe he just drank too much Pepsi?) Witness the illness around 2:14:

2. Enrique and Nicole's weepy faces while Josh K. sang "your face" over and over. Enrique Iglesias apparently always looks like a beautiful angel who is about to shed a single tear that will cure cancer, but Nicole is totally milking it for the cameras (per usual). It starts around 3:00:

3. "Burrito maker" - The best contestant subtitle ever. Hands down.

4. Which also led to the best question of the night, courtesy of host Steve Jones:
"Is that the performance that will stop you from making burritos for a living?" Please let Josh K. make it to the Top 16, because he's amazing, but also so we can get more and more discussion of his burrito-making past.

5. The way Simon Cowell's helpers kneel before him when they speak to him. But only after first being spoken to.

6. Hanson's "MMMBop" playing in the background of Rachel Crow's intro. The connection was obvious (she's a tweeeeen!), but about a generation too late. Is she even old enough know who Hanson are? I think I was about her age when I was obsessed with them, and that was over a decade ago.

7. Rihanna's "...OK, you can flirt with me NOW" face when Marcus Canty was singing. Her telling him not to flirt with her at first was great, but watching her silently change her mind throughout the song was awesome.

8. Christa Collins' giant button hairpiece. "Could her button BE any bigger, or a bigger symbol of how she used to be a sad little Disney ragdoll?" - Chanandeler Bong

9. The overwhelming feeling that when they were done singing, InTENsity were going to give us a seminar about resisting peer pressure and staying off drugs. "Marijuana? No thanks, man. That's not MY name!"

10. OK, this one was more painful than funny, but 2'squar'd got completely set up to fail with Paula's song choice for them, "Bohemian Rhapsody."
Sorry ladies, but Prince Poppycock did it better. And so did the Muppets.

Did you have a favorite moment from last night's episode? Share it in the comments for all to enjoy! And this Tuesday, October 18, at 8pm, we'll find out who made it into the Top 16, and onto The X Factor USA live shows. Which acts do you think will make the cut?

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