FOX Cancels 'The X Factor' After 3 Seasons
FOX Cancels 'The X Factor' After 3 Seasons
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
It's official: FOX has canceled The X Factor. After just three seasons, the U.S. adaptation of the British hit is over.

The show began as a fall substitute for American Idol with big goals and a $5 million prize. The ratings were less-than-ideal to start with, but the show's numbers bottomed out with the recent third season.

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Simon Cowell has already announced that he is returning to judge the original British version of The X Factor.

The end of The X Factor leaves some gaping holes in FOX's fall schedule, which is great news for any potential pilots currently in the works, as well as for any bubble shows currently on (such as Almost Human and The Following).

The cancellation is not much of a surprise as even Cowell knew that the third season of The X Factor was a failure, pulling in pathetically low ratings and creating very little buzz. WHne it ended, Cowell said that a future season would need dramatic changes to the format, but now that won't be necessary. The iTunes success of season 3 winners Alex and Sierra towards the end of the season started to show some signs of potential in The X Factor, but it was obviously too little, too late.

Will you miss The X Factor? Or will American Idol, The Voice, America's Got Talent and a dozen other shows be enough?

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