'The Whole Truth'
'The Whole Truth'
Among the slough of legal dramas that television boasts of, there's one proclaiming itself a step above the others. ABC's The Whole Truth is being billed as a unique new series showing two sides of the coin - the defense and the prosecution. It will haul audiences deeper into the world of the legal system, all while keeping them guessing until the very end, the verdict.

The Whole Truth follows Kathryn Peale (Joely Richardson), the Deputy Bureau Chief in the New York State District Attorney's office. She grew up in New England with a sheriff for a father, giving her a wide knowledge of the law and a backbone to drive her point home.

Going against her is Jimmy Brogan (Rob Morrow), a friend from their days at Yale Law School. Since then, he's built up quite a reputation as one of New York's rising criminal attorney stars.

But these two are evenly matched, as well as intensely competitive. They each have an unshakeable passion in the law, despite often bending it to suit the needs of their clients.

These two can't handle all that on their own though. Behind them stands their respective teams, backing both lawyers up and each believing that their story is the right one. But they've crafted their own versions of the truth, which often complicates the entire process. And with the jury watching, the tension escalates even more in the courtroom.

Giving an up-close look on the legal system, The Whole Truth pits these two lawyers against one another and ups the ante for most courtroom dramas. With actors Richardson and Morrow at the helm, it's bound to put a stronger spin on things. Joining them in the cast are Eamonn Walker as Sr. ADA Terrence "Edge" Edgecomb, Sean Wing as Chad Griffin, Anthony Ruivivar as Alejo Salazar and Christine Adams as Lena Boudreaux.

Catch The Whole Truth as it premieres 10pm on Wednesdays this fall on ABC.

Source: ABC
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