Watch 'The Walking Dead' Season 4 Trailer: It's 'Going to Get Insane Very Quickly'
Watch 'The Walking Dead' Season 4 Trailer: It's 'Going to Get Insane Very Quickly'
The Walking Dead returns October and it's going to get crazy. Executive producers delivered a first look at The Walking Dead, Season 4 at San Diego Comic-Con 2013 and now it's available for all. Take a look.

Who's Here:

Andrew Lincoln (Rick)
Norman Reedus (Daryl) 
Steven Yeun (Glenn)
Lauren Cohan (Maggie)
Danai Gurira (Michonne) 
David Morrissey (The Governor) 
Scott Wilson (Hershel)
Chad Coleman (Tyreese) 
Scott Gimple (Showrunner, Executive Producer) 
Robert Kitkman, Gale Anne Hurd and Dave Alpert (Executive Producers) 
Greg Nicotero (Special effects makeup supervisor and Executive Producer) 


  • The group goes to Big Spot but it doesn't look like they're shopping, they're looking for something (or someone).
  • Looks like the prison has more towers and fences. 
  • The walkers are getting closer, and more come every day.
  • There's an attack in the cell block--that's not supposed to happen! 
  • Was that a body bag? 
  • Kids go to learn their way around a knife. 
  • "We need a place to go." Will the group be leaving the prison soon? It could be safer out there. 
  • Horses! 
  • Hershel says they've lost 12, two in cold blood. 
  • There are lots and lots of walkers. 
  • The clip ends with a voice on the radio. 

Other Notes from Panel 

Scott Gimple says Season 4 is "going to get insane very quickly." 

The return of the Governor and how he will return is a big mystery this season, so no one was willing to answer that. 

On Rick this season Andrew Lincoln said, "He's renounced a lot of his responsibilities and leadership for the sake of his children."

Danal Gurira had never ridden a horse before. 

The Walking Dead returns Sunday October 13 at 9pm on AMC. 

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