[Video] 'The Walking Dead' Sneak Peek: Michonne's in Trouble
[Video] 'The Walking Dead' Sneak Peek: Michonne's in Trouble
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
The Walking Dead season 4 doesn't premiere for over a month and to hold you over AMC released a sneak peek during Sunday's Low Winter Sun. One thing is clear the situation facing the survivors is as dangerous as ever.

Michonne! A horse! Walkers!

The war between Woodbury and the Prison may be over, but the situation facing the new combined community continues to threaten their lives. Could the increased population at the prison be drawing even more walkers to the area?

Check out The Walking Dead sneak peek (begins at :36 after a Low Winter Sun preview).

Michonne on a horse is a sight to see. It further reflects her kick-ass persona to see her on a horse rather than driving a four-door sedan. After opening the gate for Michonne, Carl doesn't get it closed again. Did it break? Or, what the heck was he thinking?

Michonne faces off against several walkers that made it through the gate. Carl grabs a rifle to help and Maggie rushes from the prison tower. Will they get the gate closed before the prison is overrun with walkers?

While it's unlikely that Michonne's life is at risk during this scene, the presence of the walkers doesn't bode well for the safety of the prison location.

The Walking Dead season 4 premieres Sunday, October 13 at 9 pm ET on AMC.

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