TNT Cancels 'Southland' and 'Monday Mornings,' Syfy Renews 'Defiance,' 'Walking Dead' Season 4 First Look
TNT Cancels 'Southland' and 'Monday Mornings,' Syfy Renews 'Defiance,' 'Walking Dead' Season 4 First Look
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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The major networks are in a flurry, renewing and cancelling shows left and right as they prepare to unveil their 2013-2014 TV schedules next week. But cable networks are also making big moves, including a renewal for Syfy, two TNT cancellations and the first look at a new season of zombie action.

TNT Cancels Southland and Monday Mornings

The critically-acclaimed cop drama Southland has been cancelled for a second time. The gritty series originally premiered on NBC. After seven  episodes it was renewed for a second season, but it never aired on NBC and was cancelled. TNT then saved the show, including the six season 2 episodes that were filmed but never shown, and proceeded to give it three more seasons.

In less surprising news, the David E. Kelley medical drama Monday Mornings was cancelled after just one season on TNT.

While Southland received universal praise from fans and critics, the show suffered from low ratings, averaging around 1.5 million for season 5. The show also ended on several slight cliffhangers. Lydia and her former partner Russell's relationship status was a mystery, even to them. Sammy and Ben's partnership was dissolved after Sammy realized Ben was behind the break-in at his home. And John Cooper snapped and attacked two of his neighbors before the cops showed up and shot him. Now fans are just left figuring out for themselves if John Cooper is alive or dead.

Syfy Renews Defiance for Season 2

The futuristic alien drama Defiance on Syfy has been renewed for a second season. The show, complete with an integrated online video game, stars Julie Benz and Grant Bowler. Airing Mondays at 9pm, Defiance premiered with 2.73 million viewers. Subsequent episodes have slipped, but it remains above 2 million.

First Look at The Walking Dead Season 4

Finally, The Walking Dead season 4 won't air until October, but AMC released the first image. It shows Rick in the woods with someone (or something) behind him. Don't worry, I'm sure Carl will shoot it in the head, like he does everything else.


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