'The Walking Dead' Video Preview of the Remainder of Season 3: Woodbury vs. the Prison
'The Walking Dead' Video Preview of the Remainder of Season 3: Woodbury vs. the Prison
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
The Walking Dead ended its winter finale with a huge cliffhanger: How will Daryl and Meryl survive the Woodbury mob that wants them dead? Will Andrea do something to save them? Or, is she completely under the Governor's control?

You don't have to wait until the show returns in February to find out. AMC has released a couple early previews. If you want to stay free of The Walking Dead spoilers, then stop right here. Both videos provide insight into what the survivors will be facing when the show returns.

Here's the trailer for the second half of season 3.

There are a lot of clues in the short 36 second trailer:

  • Are the residents of Woodbury rebelling? They are all on the streets.
  • Michonne is at the prison.
  • "You and I can end this tonight." -- Glenn to Michonne.
  • Maggie isn't happy.
  • Rick is on look out at the prison.
  • Andrea goes to the prison and it looks like she's using a walker as protection.
  • Is the Governor watching Andrea's approach to the prison?
  • "He's coming." -- Michonne
  • The prison group prepares for an attack.
  • Daryl must survive. He is running through the woods with his bow.
  • The Governor opens fire from his truck. Who is he targeting?
  • The Governor doesn't know if Andrea is loyal to him or not.
  • Andrea approaches the Woodbury wall with her hands up in the air.
  • "What the hell is he doing here?" -- Glenn. Could Merle be with Daryl?
  • Michonne is nearly run over by a box truck and Rick is shot at crossing a small bridge.
  • "You should stop." -- Carl
    "Stop what?" -- Rick
    "Being the leader." -- Carl
  • Michonne kills walkers.
  • Beth kissed Rick on the cheek. What?!?
  • "Get back here." -- Hershel
  • Rick walks away.
In addition to the season 3 trailer, AMC has released a clip that picks up where the finale left off regarding the Governor, Merle, and Daryl. Check it out!

The first part of The Walking Dead season 3 was an intense thrill ride. Based on the previews, the tension and fight only worsens when the season continues. The season's tag line "Fight the Dead. Fear the Living." has been not only accurate, but quite frightening.

The Walking Dead will return for the conclusion of season 3 in February 2013 on AMC.

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(Image and videos courtesy of AMC.)