'The Walking Dead' Video Preview: Andrea Picks a Side on 'Prey'
'The Walking Dead' Video Preview: Andrea Picks a Side on 'Prey'
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
On The Walking Dead, the summit between the Governor and Rick appeared to go well on the surface, but it was a facade. In reality, a war is coming, which will conclude with losses on both sides. A battle would guarantee that neither side wins. In "Prey," can someone stop the fight before it begins?

Spoiler alert: This article contains The Walking Dead spoiler clips.

The two sides arm themselves for battle in the video promo for "Prey."

Highlights from the trailer:

  • The Governor tells Andrea that he wants her there when they go meet with Rick. She says, "I'll be there."
  • The group is getting ready to head out. To the prison?
  • Andrea says, "We have to stop this." But, Milton says, "I don't think you can." -- That sounds sound good at all.
  • Andrea tells Tyreese and Sasha that, "The Governor is not what he seems."
  • And, then Tyreese is seen talking to The Governor. Did he rat out Andrea?
  • There's a horse trailer full of walkers.
  • Andrea says she has to kill the Governor, but Milton doesn't think she can get close enough.
  • Someone gets caught on fire. Ouch.
In the below sneak peek, Andrea and Milton come across a torture room that the Governor has prepared. This drives Andrea to kill the Governor. Can she pull it off?

Tyreese and Sasha are guarding the wall at Woodbury. A walker approaches and Tyreese uses it for target practice. He's not a very good shot.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 pm ET on AMC.

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(Image and video courtesy of the AMC.)