'The Walking Dead' Recap: Way Past 18 Miles Out
'The Walking Dead' Recap: Way Past 18 Miles Out
In tonight's episode, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Shane (Jon Bernthal) come to blows over Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) while the ladies deal with a situation back at the farm.

Poor Otis Never Stood a Chance

Rick and Shane head out to get rid of their new guest, the stranger they have taken care of since his injury. But before they release their sort-of prisoner back into the world, Rick wants to have a conversation with Shane. Rick tells Shane that he knows what really happened with Otis, and Shane confesses to killing Otis by leaving Otis behind for the Walkers so he could escape.

Rick then says he understands what happened between Shane and Lori, but Rick will be the one to protect his family. Shane tells Rick the story of how he had to leave Rick behind when the zombie apocalypse first happened and that he wishes he could take it all back. Their discussion is then tabled so they can deal with the stranger.

To Live or To Die

Beth looks like she is doing better physically, but her mental state is not good. Lori catches Beth trying to steal a knife and assumes the girl wanted to kill herself. Lori asks Andrea (Laurie Holden) to find Maggie (Lauren Cohan) while Lori stays with Beth. When Maggie does return, she tries to convince her sister that ending her life is the wrong choice. The sisters fight and, eventually, Andrea interrupts them and offers to stay with Beth so Maggie can get some air.

Once Maggie is gone, Andrea asks Beth if this is what she really wants and leaves Beth alone so the girl can make her own choice. Maggie returns to find Beth locked in the bathroom, but Lori is able to break in and stop Beth before she can harm herself too badly. Maggie confronts Andrea and tells Andrea she is no longer welcome in the Greene home, but Andrea does not seem to mind because she believes that Beth has now made the choice to live, as Andrea once did.


Lori and Andrea get into an argument that shows how very different they are. Andrea says Lori should have let Beth make her own decision on whether to end her life and not interfere. Andrea explains that she came through her own depression and is now protecting the rest of the group, but Lori does not see it that way.

Lori thinks Andrea should let "the men" protect them while they stay back at the farm and help with the housework. Andrea is not impressed with this sentiment, nor should she be. Andrea then points out that Lori still has her entire family, while everyone else has lost theirs and Andrea thinks Lori takes it for granted.

Saving Shane

As they are about to leave the stranger behind, the man claims he went to school with Maggie, and Rick and Shane realize the stranger already knows the location of the Greene farm, the very thing they wanted to prevent. Shane wants to kill the stranger, but Rick wants to take him back to the farm so he can decide what to do. Rick and Shane then get into a physical fight and alert the Walkers to their position. The men get separated during the Walker attack and Shane hides in a school-bus to escape from the zombies.

Once Rick is out of danger, he and the stranger leave Shane behind in order to save their own lives. But eventually, Rick's good nature gets the better of him and he returns to save Shane. They put the stranger back in their car and decide to take him to the farm until Rick makes a choice about what to do with him.

How will Rick handle the stranger situation? Will Shane ever learn to cooperate with the rest of the group or will they kick him out? And was Andrea right to let Beth make her own choice or was it not her call?

Megan Cole
Contributing Writer

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