'The Walking Dead' Recap: Tyreese Falls Apart, Other Favorites Fall Ill
'The Walking Dead' Recap: Tyreese Falls Apart, Other Favorites Fall Ill
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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In last week's episode, the prison crew suffered major losses in the sudden attack on D block and many of the survivors were exposed to the deadly disease that led to said attack. In tonight's episode, "Isolation", the prison crew deal with the fallout from those horrific events and several members of the group run into trouble on a supply run. Read on to find out if tonight's episode of The Walking Dead can deliver that mix of sweet zombie action and rich character development we crave.

'The Walking Dead' Recap: Farmer Rick is No More and Tyreese Gets a Terrible Shock

Rick and Tyreese Come to Blows

Tyreese is not doing well after Karen's death and attacks both Rick and Daryl in his rage. But Rick's own pent-up aggression gets the better of him and he goes after Tyreese before Daryl has to pull him off. Is this the return of crazy-Rick or just a bad moment for the one-time group leader? Rick and Tyreese eventually put their fight behind them, agreeing that they were both in the wrong.

The new flu-like disease is still making people sick and Sasha is one of the latest victims. This is not good news for Tyreese, who is worried about his sister and frustrated that no one is trying to figure out who killed Karen and David. Rick says he will look into it and Tyreese makes it clear that when he discovers the culprit, he will make that person pay.

Hershel to the Rescue

The council meets and Hershel explains that the disease itself is not killing people, but the symptoms are. He says they need antibiotics and maybe those who are sick will have a shot. Hershel knows a place that may not have been raided yet but it is 50 miles out. Daryl and Michonne agree to go on a supply run for the meds.

The council members also decide to separate the vulnerable -- children and older people -- to keep them safe. Carl is not happy about this, but Rick tells Carl that he needs to look after his sister and the others while they are separated. Hershel will also be separated and Beth decides to go into quarantine with the others, to look after baby Judith.

Hershel does not stay in quarantine long, going out into the woods to gather elderberries, which are a natural flu remedy. Carl insists on going with him and they run across two walkers. Though Carl may have to get back to his killing-ways, it is not necessary this time.

When Maggie and Rick find Hershel out of quarantine, they are not pleased. But Hershel points out that Daryl's group will not be back in time to save some of the sick people and he can help ease their symptoms until then. When they try to argue that Hershel is risking his life, Hershel points out that everything is a risk nowadays, but saving lives is worth it.

Stay Strong

Along with Sasha, Glenn and Dr. S also come down with the disease. Hershel does his best to look after both men, comforting them as much as he can and telling them not to give up hope. These scenes could be there simply to showcase the bonds between Hershel and both men, but I have a feeling these touching moments are there to remind us how vital Hershel is to the group. Hershel may not be long for this world and I wonder how the group will deal with his loss, if it comes to that.

While their father looks after the sick, Maggie keeps Beth company while she is in quarantine. At first, Maggie goes to Beth for comfort after Glenn falls ill, but Beth has no words of comfort for her sister. Instead, Beth says that they are not allowed to get upset and just need to focus on their jobs until this new threat passes. But how will Beth respond if Hershel gets sick? Will her father's death finally get Beth to let go of the hold she placed on her emotions, or will she close herself off even more?

Two People Too Many

This episode gives us a chance to see how close Daryl and Michonne have grown over the past few months. We saw a bit of their friendship in the season premiere, but we get a bit more in tonight's episode. Daryl tells Michonne that he would be happy to join her Governor-hunt if they had something to go on and they reminisce about the days when they alone would go out on supply runs.

But because it is more interesting when several people are in jeopardy, Daryl and Michonne decide to take two more people on their supply run. Daryl asks Ty to come with them and once he realizes how bad Sasha is, he agrees to go in the hope of bringing back with meds that will save her. They also bring Bob along because they apparently did not learn from the last supply run that Bob is bad luck. Yet this time, it is not Bob who endangers the group.

While on the road, the group hears a voice over the radio and Daryl gets distracted. In his distraction, Daryl basically runs the group into a giant mob of walkers. Daryl and Michonne get out and start to pick off the walkers, hoping to give Bob and Tyreese a chance to get away. But since Tyreese is still flipping out over Karen's death, he takes his sweet time getting out of the car and by the time he does, he gets swarmed by walkers. Tyreese yells for the other three to run as the walkers descend on him. In a nod to the comics, Tyreese somehow survives and the group runs from the walker-mob.


This is another outstanding episode for Carol, who reveals just how far she will go to protect the group. At the start of the episode, Carol is worried about how low their supply of water is, especially now that the line into the prison has gotten muddled up. Carol says she will have to go out and fix the line, but Rick tells her they can take care of that tomorrow. Yet with so many people falling ill, Carol does not wait for Rick and goes out on her own. Carol comes close to becoming walker-dinner, but with Rick's help, she makes it back unharmed.

But Carol has more than just walkers to deal with when one of the girls now in her care falls ill. Carol comforts new surrogate daughter and I begin to wonder if the writers will be cruel enough to take yet another child away from this woman.

In yet another nod to the comics, the show seems to start exploring the relationship between Tyreese and Carol. Before going on the supply run, Tyreese asks Carol to look after Sasha while he is gone because he trusts Carol to care for his sister. Carol agrees to keep tabs on Sasha, but we learn that this might have more to do with a guilty conscience than her desire to help others.

After speaking with Tyreese about Karen and David, Rick draws on his previous cop expertise to investigate their deaths. During his mini-investigation, Rick finds evidence that leads him to Carol and he confronts her. Carol admits to burning the bodies in an attempt to prevent the spread of infection.

Carol's actions may have been extreme, but her intentions were good. Carol wants nothing more than to protect the remaining survivors and she knows that means making choices that are not necessarily moral. Whether or not Carol was right to do what she did, her actions did not stop the spread of the disease and it is clear that her choice is weighing on her. What will happen when Tyreese and the others learn that Carol is responsible for Karen and David's deaths? Do you think Carol waited for Karen and David to die before burning their bodies or did she actually kill them? And did anyone help her or did she act alone?

What did you think of tonight's episode? Is Rick starting to lose it again? Will Tyreese start to like killing walkers now that he knows how good he is at it? Why is Beth so adamant about not feeling anything? Will Carol have to go through the pain of losing another child? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments section.

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