'The Walking Dead' Recap: The Calm Before the Storm
'The Walking Dead' Recap: The Calm Before the Storm
This episode of The Walking Dead focuses on fleshing out its characters rather than zombies eating their flesh. Even without a mutilation per minute pace this lull showing Daryl's sentimental side, rising tension with Herschel and Glenn's budding romance stays interesting.

You're Starting To Lose Me...

It's one big happy family again when Carl awakes the camper crew rolls and into Greene Farm. Well, almost everyone. Sophia's still playing hide-and-seek with the undead somewhere despite constant searching for her.

That's a little disappointing because we see new dimensions in all the other survivors and Carol's still stuck in worried mother mode. Really hope that her daughter shows up soon so Carol can have a different expression on her face other than a mixture of stomach cramps and worry.

A Shane-ful Burial 

Everyone gets emotional when they go to bury Otis. Especially Shane as he eulogizes him. Now why would that be awkward? Oh, right.

But don't worry, Shane. Everyone lies at funerals. Yeah, usually it's about how the departed was a great person when really they never brushed their teeth and talked too loud in restaurants. But that's basically the same as you saying Otis voluntarily sacrificed his life saving Carl instead of how you shot him in the leg and left him as a zombie buffet.

Don't Drink the Water

Only one cannibal corpse appears in this episode, but he makes his impression felt. Dale discovers a walker steeping in the farm's well like an undead tea bag. Blowing its brains out in the water would contaminate the water, so they have to find some way to get it out alive ... errrr, still breathing ... aw forget it.

After lassoing the creature, they start to pull it out. All's well and good until gravity says "yes" to its torso getting out and "no" to everything below that. The zombie splits in half with guts n' gore falling back into the water. Lipton begins filing a lawsuit against the show for revealing its tea -- making process.

Humanity Makes a (One-Night) Stand

Entrails aren't the only thing in the air though. There's also love (same thing, I know). Glenn and Herschel's daughter Maggie ride into a nearby town to scavenge for supplies. While grabbing antibiotics, bandages and a secret package they trip and fall into a pile of casual sex. Guess when the world's infested with zombies there's no such thing as looking for love in all the wrong places.

Wouldn't expect any budding long -- term relationship between the two of them, though. Herschel's adamant that the group moves on quickly, and Glenn was enthusiastic as a five year old putting on his first suit.

The Plus Sign Also Means "Awkward"

What was in that mystery package for Lori? Right before the end, Glenn hands over a discreetly wrapped box. She takes it and strolls out into the woods. Turns out its a pregnancy test. Turns out she's pregnant. Turns out Shane, Rick and her are going to need to have an awkward conversation pretty soon.

While slow, a lot of important things happened with this episode. But where are they going to lead? What will Herschel do if he discovers Glenn and Maggie's tryst? Who's the father of Lori's baby? Chime in and let us know! 

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