'The Walking Dead' Recap: Maggie's Mission Brings Bob and Sasha Together
'The Walking Dead' Recap: Maggie's Mission Brings Bob and Sasha Together
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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When we last saw our survivors, Maggie was relieved to discover that Glenn was not among the bus walkers, but Bob and Sasha seemed a bit concerned about Maggie's state of mind. Beth and Daryl grew closer thanks to a mission to find booze, while Michonne and Carl grew closer during a supply run. We met Abraham and his companions, who teamed up with Glenn and Tara. And Carol returned just in time to help Tyreese take care of three kids, baby Judith included.

In this week's episode, "Alone," Maggie continues her search for Glenn, while we get to know more about Bob and Sasha. And Daryl finally starts to think there might be some good people left in the world, only to have everything stripped away from him. Read on to find out if this week's episode of The Walking Dead can deliver that mix of sweet zombie action and rich character development we crave.

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No One Can Make It Alone

This week's episode begins with a Bob-centric flashback that shows us how he was living before he came to the prison. Bob was all alone, and his loneliness was etched into his bones. Bob was surviving, but he was not living. Then Daryl and Glenn came upon him on the road one day. Daryl asked Bob the infamous three questions to determine if he was prison material, and he passed the test. Bob was invited to join the prison group, and as we know, he accepted.

We then join Bob, Maggie and Sasha in the present day. They are fighting off some walkers through a thick fog. They defeat the walkers, but Sasha has a moment of panic when she thinks Bob has been bitten. Luckily, Bob says the walker just got his bandage, not him. The trio end up coming across another 'Sanctuary for All' sign. Bob remembers the radio broadcast heard earlier in the season and realizes it is the same message. Maggie and Bob think they should take their chances and head to Terminus, but Sasha thinks it is too good to be true. I believe Sasha is the only one thinking straight, but she gets overruled by the others.

Later that day, Sasha tries to convince Bob that heading to Terminus is a bad plan. She believes that Glenn is already dead and she does not want them to end up dead too. Sasha thinks they should stop at the nearest town, find a safe place and hunker down. But after overhearing their conversation, Maggie abandons her group the next morning to go off in search of Glenn on her own. Bob argues with Sasha until she agrees to go after Maggie.

Bob and Sasha find a message Maggie left for Glenn, saying she is heading to Terminus. They continue following Maggie's trail until they come across the next town and Sasha spots a building she believes would make a great shelter. Though Sasha pleads with him to let Maggie go, Bob refuses to let her stay out there alone. Bob kisses Sasha goodbye and heads off after Maggie.

But Sasha finds Maggie first, as she spots Maggie outside of the building she has chosen for shelter. Maggie is surrounded by walkers and Sasha risks her life to save Maggie. Once they take care of the walkers, Maggie says she came looking for Bob and Sasha because she needs their help to find Glenn. Having had a change of heart, Sasha agrees to help Maggie and they go chasing after Bob. The three meet up again, seemingly heading toward Terminus. 

And as the episode ends, we see that Glenn has just found a Terminus sign. Assuming Glenn's group follows the sign, it means all of our characters are heading to the same place. Will all of our regulars finally reunite? Or will someone be lost along the way?

Bob and Sasha

Like the previous few episodes, this week's installment focuses on just a few of our regulars. As it did with Beth last week, this formula gives us the chance to get to know more about Bob and Sasha. I have had a soft spot for Sasha almost from the start, but I was not a fan of Bob's going into this episode. Yet, thanks to some character focus and a great performance from Lawrence Gilliard, Jr., I have now become rather fond of Bob.

In seeing how he was surviving before joining the prison group, we get a better understanding of why he struggled so hard against making himself at home in the prison. We now understand why he risked lives just to score some booze. Bob believed he would be separated from the prison group and left alone again, just like he was after losing his first two groups. But when he escaped the prison with Maggie and Sasha, Bob realized that he does not have to be alone anymore. He has people now, and he will not give up on any of them.

We also get to know Sasha a bit better this week. Sasha spends most of the episode denying Bob's accusations that she is giving up on searching for their people because she is scared. But when Maggie confronts her at the end of the episode, she realizes that Bob is right. During those few moments when she is alone after Bob leaves to find Maggie, something shifts inside of Sasha. She is scared, but she now knows that it is better to be scared with others than safe by herself. It is a big turning point for Sasha and I think it will mean great things for her developing romance with Bob.

Will Beth Survive?

When we pick up with Daryl and Beth, Daryl is teaching Beth how to track. She seems to be picking it up quickly, something Daryl is clearly proud of. But when Beth gets injured, they have to take shelter for the night. They come upon a funeral home that has been well-cared for since the zombie-pocalypse, and Beth marvels that someone has taken the time to prepare a few walkers for a proper burial. This convinces her that there are still good people left in the world, but Daryl does not seem to share that opinion.

During their stay at the funeral home, Beth and Daryl have more time to bond. While Daryl sets up a perimeter around the only entrance, Beth plays the piano. Daryl then makes a bed out of a coffin and listens to Beth sing. The next day, Beth decides to write a thank-you note to anyone who may return to the funeral home, but then Daryl suggests they should stay right where they are. He says that if the people who were caring for the place come back, they will find a way to make it work. Beth asks Daryl what changed his mind and, though he does not say it, Beth realizes that she is what changed his mind. Unfortunately, this is when everything goes wrong.

Daryl opens the door to let in a dog they spotted earlier, but he is greeted by a group of walkers instead. Daryl tells Beth to run while he fights off the walkers, as she is still injured and needs more time to get out. Daryl manages to get past the swarm of walkers who have now gotten into the funeral home, but once he gets outside, he cannot find Beth. What he does find is Beth's bag and a car speeding away, presumably with Beth inside.

Daryl chases after the car for hours but has no luck in catching up. He falls to the ground in defeat, the only friend he has left in the world now seemingly lost to him. But Daryl gets more company just a few moments later. Alas, it is not the kind of company Daryl needs right now. This group of clearly evil dudes is led by Joe, one of the men who invaded Rick's temporary home a few episodes back. When Daryl prepares to fight off the entire group, Joe tells him to put the crossbow down before his boys have to take care of him. Daryl ends up relenting and seemingly joining up with Joe's evil crew.

What did you think of this week's episode? Do you think Daryl went with Joe's crew because he has simply given up or do you think he suspects they were the ones to grab Beth? If they do have Beth, will Daryl be able to get to her in time? Did Joe's crew remind anyone else of Merle and the life Daryl wanted to leave behind? And is Joe's crew the show's version of the Hunters from the comics? If so, are they also the people behind Terminus?

What was your opinion of Bob and Sasha before this episode? Has your opinion changed now that we know more about them? Do you like the friendships Maggie is beginnning to form with Bob and Sasha? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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