'The Walking Dead' Recap: Glenn Reunites with a Loved One
'The Walking Dead' Recap: Glenn Reunites with a Loved One
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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When we last saw our survivors, Rick narrowly escaped some very bad dudes, Bob and Sasha connected on a deeper level and Glenn got some new traveling companions in Abraham's crew. Daryl and Beth bonded, but after Beth was kidnapped, Daryl ran into Rick's very bad dudes. Meanwhile, in one of the show's most powerful episodes, Carol had to kill Lizzie after she murdered Mika. And almost all of our survivors appeared to be headed for the same place -- the 'Sanctuary for All' called Terminus.

In this week's episode, "Us," Glenn's group make their way to Terminus, and we learn more about the very bad dudes Daryl is spending time with. Read on to find out if this episode of The Walking Dead can deliver that mix of sweet zombie action and rich character development we crave.

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Separate Ways

In this week's episode, we learn that Eugene is quite the talker, as he chats up Tara about video games and how to make a battery from something they find along the way. But Tara is not interested in talking because she is still blaming herself for everything that went down with the Governor.

Tara almost admits as much during her late-night talk with Abraham, but he has other things to discuss, such as Tara's interest in Rosita. Tara's attraction to Rosita ruins Abraham's theory that Tara is not sleeping because she has a thing for Glenn. But Tara explains that her restlessness has to do with something she did before she joined up with Glenn.

This comes back into play when Tara gets injured later in the episode. Glenn is determined to keep going, and Tara says she is fine because she believes she owes Glenn for her part in the Governor's attack. Rosita tries to convince Glenn to stop being so selfish, but since Glenn just found a message from Maggie that proves she is still alive, he will not rest until he gets to her. Glenn gives Eugene his riot gear so Abraham will agree to keep going until dark.

When the group arrives at a tunnel, they hear what sounds like a horde of walkers inside. Abraham says it is too risky to enter the tunnel, so they will have to go around. But Glenn does not want to waste time on a detour, so he insists on entering the tunnel. Abraham decides that this is where they part ways, as he will not risk Eugene's life in the tunnel.

Everyone says their goodbyes, giving Rosita another moment to stick up for Tara and work her way into my heart. Abraham tells Glenn and Tara to double-back if they get in trouble, as Abraham's group will be searching for the right vehicle to get them to Washington.

Walker Tunnel

After separating from Abraham's group, Glenn and Tara make their way through the tunnel. This gives Tara a chance to open up about the guilt she feels for going along with the Governor's plan. She knew they might have to kill people -- she was the first to sign up, after all -- but she did not understand who the Governor was until he killed Hershel. Seeing what he did to Hershel was even worse than watching her sister get swarmed by walkers. It was also worse than finding both her girlfriend and her niece dead. Basically, Tara is not having a good year.

Tara's bad luck continues thanks to the walker tunnel. Though Glenn finds evidence to suggest that Maggie made it through the tunnel safely, the walkers are making it difficult for Glenn and Tara to get through. But Glenn insists they keep going, so they try to sneak around the walkers. Alas, Tara falls and winds up trapped.

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A Happy Ending

Things are looking bleak for Tara and Glenn. Tara cannot move and Glenn cannot get her out, so Tara begs him to leave her behind. But he refuses and tries taking out the walkers by himself. Luckily, after Glenn runs out of bullets, help arrives. As he looks up to see his rescuers, Maggie rushes forward and they embrace. I will never tire of seeing these emotional reunions.

Glenn has Eugene to thank for his reunion with Maggie, as the scientist took over navigating for his group so he could direct them to the place he believed Tara and Glenn would emerge from if they made it out of the tunnel. It turns out that Eugene did not want to leave them behind, even if it meant delaying the mission. Their little detour also brought some great comedic moments, as Rosita and Eugene argued over Eugene's navigation skills and Abraham got into an argument with Rosita after he realized what Eugene had done.

Abraham and Eugene fill Sasha and Bob in on their mission to get Eugene to Washington. Abraham wants to continue on in the morning, but Eugene thinks they should head to Terminus to find a better vehicle. Rosita points out that Terminus could have supplies they need, and Abraham agrees to follow Eugene's plan because he always listens to Eugene when he tells him he is wrong. Sasha says she will go with them to Washington, but only after they reach Terminus and find out if Tyreese survived.

To my surprise, Glenn's group actually does make it to Terminus by the end of the episode. It looks like a nice enough place from the outside, a little town with gates in place for protection. But looks can be deceiving, and that seems obvious when a way-too-friendly woman offers to fix them plates of food after their long journey. Who is this Mary character, and why is she so willing to welcome strangers to her sanctuary?

Is Daryl Losing Himself?

Daryl is still embedded with Joe's group of very bad dudes. Said group is just as bad as they seem, as Daryl learns first-hand. After one of the men -- Len -- challenges Daryl over dibs on a rabbit they kill, Daryl comes close to stabbing Len in the face. But Joe breaks up the potential fight, and then lays out the "rules" of his group. One of those rules is that you claim everything you want and if something is "claimed," it is off-limits. He also has rules about stealing and lying, something I find amusing given that I would not trust any of those guys to tell the truth if their lives depended on it.

As the men settle in for the night, Len accuses Daryl of stealing. Len insists that Daryl stole his half of the rabbit, but Daryl says Len set him up. Joe orders his men to teach Len a lesson, as he saw him plant the rabbit on Daryl. Joe's men beat the guy to death because that is just the sort of group they are.

Throughout the episode, Joe keeps telling Daryl that he needs a group to survive. Joe thinks Daryl would be an excellent addition to their group, and by the end of the episode, Daryl seemingly joins up by "claiming" something they find along the tracks. By the end of the episode, Daryl spots a Terminus sign and asks Joe if that is where they are headed. They are, but not for sanctuary.

Joe tells Daryl his group is out for revenge after someone -- aka Rick -- killed one of their people and left him to turn so he would attack them. Joe says they picked up the man's tracks and have been following him ever since. Unfortunately for Rick, one of the guys can identify him. Will Daryl realize who they are tracking before they catch up to Rick?

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Crossing Paths

Rick, Michonne and Carl are slowly making their way to Terminus. Michonne and Carl pass the time playing games, something that amuses Rick, but also waste time they might not have. At the end of the episode, Daryl runs across the part of the tracks that Rick's group was on at the start of the episode. Given that we only saw that brief glimpse of Rick's group, I am worried something might have happened to them. Were they attacked? Or did they make it to Terminus before Glenn's group, only for something bad to happen to them there?

What did you think of this week's episode? Has Daryl become part of Joe's group or is he biding his time until he can go off on his own? Were you thrilled to see Maggie and Glenn reunite? Or is there another reunion you are still waiting for? Do you think Maggie doomed herself by telling Glenn that he will not need a picture of her ever again? And are you surprised Glenn lied about how he met Tara? Do you think Michonne will remember her from the Governor's group?

The title of next week's season 4 finale is "A." What do you think the "A" stands for? Does it have anything to do with Terminus? Could it be short for Abraham? Will someone other than the Governor give Andrea a shout-out? Or will "A" turn out to be a place? Could it be the show's version of Alexandria? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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