'The Walking Dead' Recap: Daryl and Bob Almost Come to Blows
'The Walking Dead' Recap: Daryl and Bob Almost Come to Blows
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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In last week's episode, some of our favorite characters fell victim to the deadly new disease and Daryl's group left on a search for medicine to save those who had fallen ill. Also, Carol admitted to killing Karen and that David guy no one cares about, just when it looked like she might be getting closer to Tyreese.

In this week's episode, "Indifference," Daryl's group continues to run into trouble on their supply-run and Rick makes a decision about what to do with killer-Carol. Read on to find out if this week's episode of The Walking Dead can deliver that mix of sweet zombie action and rich character development we crave.

Not a Fun Road Trip

As the episode begins, Carol tells her new daughter Lizzie -- the one who came down with the disease in last week's episode -- that she is going on a run with Rick. Carol thinks it is for supplies, but Rick seems to want the road trip time to figure out what to do about Carol's murder confession. Lizzie talks about the walkers like changing into one is just another fact of life and accidentally calls Carol "mom." Carol is quick to tell Lizzie not to call her that, though she clearly cares for the girl already.

Rick and Carol head out to search for food and any medical supplies they can find that might help Hershel care for the sick until Daryl's group gets back. During their car trip, Carol tells Rick why she killed Karen and David. She explains that they were the only ones ill at the time and she thought killing them and burning their bodies would stop the spread of the infection. She also says they were suffering and she gave them the mercy of a quick death. Rick is not moved by her explanation.

I'm on Team Carol

Rick and Carol stop at a nearby neighborhood and find a recently abandoned car. They search one of the houses for supplies and run across two people. Carol helps the guy with his injuries while Rick interrogates them. Once the couple explain what they have been up to since the apocalypse began, Rick asks them the three questions. Apparently, they pass the test and Rick invites them back to the prison, though he does warn them about the disease. The two decide to come along anyway and offer to help Rick and Carol gather supplies to prove their worth.

While the newbies head off on their own, Rick and Carol search another house for supplies. Carol takes the opportunity to ask Rick why he has not said anything about her actions and the two get into an argument. When Rick accuses her of murder, Carol reminds him that he killed Shane because Shane was a threat and she believes she was justified in killing Karen and David for the same reason. You tell him, Carol!

Later, Rick and Carol come across a walker chowing down on the female half of the couple they just met. Rick and Carol wait around in case the guy is still alive, but when he fails to show up, Carol says they have to leave him behind. Rick reluctantly agrees.

But when Rick and Carol start to load up the car, Rick tells Carol that she cannot come back to the prison. He explains that Tyreese will kill her and the others will want her gone if they find out what she did. (I highly doubt Daryl would want her gone and Hershel would probably side with her, too.) Rick claims Carol will find a new group and be okay, but we all know he just says this to assuage his own guilt over kicking her out. Carol tries to get Rick to change his mind, but he does not and she heads off on her own. If she dies, Daryl and I may never forgive Rick.

While I can understand that Carol's actions were wrong and could easily cause division in the group, I do not think Rick made the right call here. For starters, was it even his call to make? Rick claims he made the decision for himself, but I think the rest of the group should have had a say in it. And Carol is certainly not the first person to kill to protect the group. Yes, it was a different situation with Shane, but it was still murder.

Carl is also guilty of murder, yet Rick has spent months trying to save his son. Does it make a difference that Carl is still a child and Shane pushed Rick into killing him? Would Rick have given Carol a chance if she showed more remorse for her actions? Will Rick's decision to kick Carol out cause anyone -- we are all thinking about Daryl here, are we not? -- to go after her? And how will Carol's new daughters react to her absence?

No One is on Team Bob

Daryl's group has lost precious time, thanks to the walker ambush in last week's episode. Tyreese is worried about Sasha and still doing stupid things thanks to his anger. Michonne tells him to let his anger go or he will get himself killed. Tyreese asks if she let go of her anger over what The Governor did and Michonne claims she has. Thankfully, that does not mean she will not try to kill The Governor the first chance she gets.

While Michonne is bonding with Tyreese, Daryl is getting to know Bob a little better. The two search for a car battery so they can get back on the road and Bob opens up about his drinking problem. Bob blames himself for Zach's death during their last supply run, but Daryl says it was not Bob's fault. Alas, their new-found camaraderie is short-lived.

When the group finally reach their intended destination, they split up to search for the medical supplies on Hershel's list. Though the others get only what they are meant to, it turns out that Bob decided to get booze instead. Daryl is furious and almost has it out with Bob right there. (Oh, how I wish Daryl had left Bob behind like Rick did with Carol!) But all four members of Daryl's group pile into the car and start their long journey back to the prison. Before they head out, Michonne tells Daryl that he was right about her Governor-hunt and she claims she is giving it up, at least for the time being.
What did you think of this week's episode? Was Rick right to make Carol leave? Do you think Daryl will forgive Bob? Will we see the male half of that couple again or is he as dead as his girlfriend? Will Carol run into someone we know on the road or, even worse, get captured by The Governor? And how will Daryl react when he learns that Rick kicked Carol out of the group? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments section.

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