'The Walking Dead' Recap: Abraham and Glenn Come to Blows
'The Walking Dead' Recap: Abraham and Glenn Come to Blows
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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When we last saw our survivors, Rick and Glenn were not looking so good, but everyone managed to survive their first two days post-prison destruction. Carol returned and saved baby Judith from Lizzie, while Michonne found her way back to Carl and Rick. Beth struggled to hold on to the hope of reuniting with her loved ones, while Maggie and Glenn were determined to find one another. And Glenn teamed up with Tara before they ran into some new faces.

In this week's episode, "Claimed," Michonne goes on a supply run with Carl while Rick recovers, and we learn more about our new characters. Read on to find out if this episode of The Walking Dead can deliver that mix of sweet zombie action and rich character development we crave.

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A Vital Mission

Just like in last week's episode, the scenes with Abraham and his group are very similar to the source material. Book fans already know whether Abraham and his companions can be trusted, but it remains to be seen on the show. What is clear is that show-Abraham is just as much of a bad-ass as his comic counterpart. Even Daryl does not smile when killing walkers.

When Glenn comes to, he and Tara are with Abraham and Co. in their truck. Tara tells Glenn that they passed the bus from the prison three hours earlier, but that everyone on it was dead. Glenn still insists on going back to the bus and forces Abraham to stop and let them out. But Abraham is not so quick to let his new friends go.

Abraham tells Glenn that he is on a mission to get Eugene, his scientist friend, to Washington. Abraham claims Eugene knows why the world was plunged into walker-chaos, and he had contacts in Washington that he lost touch with a few weeks back. When Glenn asks what caused the apocalypse, Eugene says it's "classified," and for some reason, no one thinks they need more information. Abraham wants Tara and Glenn to come with them to Washington because they need all the people they can get. Alas, Glenn is still determined to find Maggie and this leads to a confrontation.

Glenn and Abraham duke it out but are interrupted when Eugene fires a bunch of scattered shots at approaching walkers. The group kills the walkers easily enough, but they are not impressed to learn that Eugene has also killed the truck. Glenn and Tara head off to find Maggie, and Rosita follows them. Her argument that they have nothing better to do is lost on Abraham, who thinks saving the world is pretty important. But Eugene says they can follow Glenn until they find a new ride and tells Abraham to listen to him because "I'm smarter than you." And I instantly adore the unlikely friendship between Abraham and Eugene.

After Abraham agrees to go with Glenn, he has a chance to chat with Tara. Abraham keeps coming back to the point that saving the world is more important than Glenn finding Maggie, since the only chance any of them have of living happily ever after is if Eugene gets to Washington. Abraham respects Tara's loyalty to Glenn and thinks she is a good person, but Tara is not sure about Abraham. She knows he is not going to Washington just because of some noble idea of saving the world, but says he does not have to give her the real reason, as long as he does not lie to her. I hope Abraham is someone Tara can learn to trust because their dynamic is pretty great.

Michonne and Carl Make a Great Team

We pick up with Michonne and the Grimes guys shortly after they were reunited. Carl is so happy to be back with Michonne, he actually engages in storytelling and laughter, until he accidentally mentions the sister he thinks is dead. Oh, Carl, I hope you and Judith will be reunited soon.

After Carl leaves for some alone time, Rick and Michonne talk about their plans for the future. Rick has none, so they agree to stay at the house until they figure something out. But they need more supplies and Rick is in no state to do much of anything, so Michonne and Carl head out together, leaving Rick behind.

After the accidental Judith mention, Carl is not in the mood to chat, but Michonne keeps trying. She opens up to him about having a son and that peaks his interest. Carl asks a million questions about her past and Michonne comes up with a game to get through the house-searching. She answers one question per room they search, but only after they clear it. This not only allows Michonne and Carl to bond, it also gives us more information about Michonne's past.

Michonne tells Carl that her son's name was Andre and he was the only child she had. She does not go into detail about Andre's death but simply says that she lost him after the walker-pocalypse. Michonne also tells Carl that he is the only person she has ever told about Andre and Carl promises to keep her secret safe.

Michonne and Carl have another chance to connect when they find some dead folks in the house they are searching. Carl mentions Judith again and says that maybe Judith and Andre are together somewhere. Michonne is moved by the sentiment, but they need to get back to the house before Rick starts to worry about them. Alas, Rick has much bigger worries.

Rick Has a Close Call

After Michonne and Carl leave, Rick decides to change his clothes -- he is still looking pretty rough, but clean clothes improve his overall appearance tremendously -- and take Michonne's advice to rest. Rick is woken up by shouting voices and realizes there are men in the house. Men who seemingly kill or injure someone in their group so we instantly know they are bad news.

Rick finds a hiding place under the bed and holds his breath as someone comes in to search the room. Luckily, not everyone thinks to look under the bed, so Rick is safe when one of the men comes into his room to take a nap. But another guy decides he wants the good bed and they wind up in a brutal fight. While I appreciate a good bed as much as the next person, it is nothing to fight over, even in the apocalypse.

After the winner of the fight falls asleep, Rick sneaks out from under the bed and checks several windows for an escape route. He manages to find one, and after taking out an evil dude who spots him in the house, Rick slinks out of the window to safety.

Alas, Rick has to hide from yet another evil dude when he exits the house, but this becomes a big problem when Rick spots Michonne and Carl in the distance. But Rick is saved from killing this evil dude when one of the dead guys in the house seemingly turns into a walker and launches an attack on the others. The incident gives Rick a chance to get away and he tells Carl and Michonne to run. They get away from the evil dudes, at least for the time being. I highly doubt this is the last time we will see these guys.

Is a Grimes Family Reunion on the Way?

After leaving behind both the house and the evil dudes, Rick's group makes their way to the railroad tracks. Soon after, they find another one of those 'Sanctuary for All' signs and decide to head in that direction. While this is probably a good thing because it could lead them to a very-much-alive Judith, I have to wonder why all of these people are so quick to trust a sign like that. In this apocalyptic world, I suspect the only people tacking up signs to recruit more group members will be doing so for less-than-friendly reasons.

What did you think of this week's episode? Will Rick and Carl make their way to Judith? Who were those men who invaded Rick's temporary home? Do you think Tara and Abraham will become friends or is she too unnerved by his reaction to killing walkers? Now that we got to spend more time with Abraham's group, what do you think of them? Rosita did not get much to do here, but the actress nails comic-Rosita's swagger, so I like her already. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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