'The Walking Dead': More Behind-the-Scenes Tidbits on Michonne and Season 3
'The Walking Dead': More Behind-the-Scenes Tidbits on Michonne and Season 3
Jenn Lee
Jenn Lee
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Sunday has come and gone, and if you're feeling a big zombie-mob-sized hole, we feel you. To ease the pain, here are some extra details about the close of the season, Michonne's character and what we can expect when October finally does come around (spoiler alert: do NOT read ahead if you haven't watched the last few episodes of season 2).

Saying Goodbye to Dale and Shane:
According to TV Guide, Steven Yeun, who plays Glenn, says he "had to walk away" during Dale's final gruesome scene: "There was no acting necessary. The tears were real." Andrew Lincoln (who plays the group's leader, Rick) agrees, saying it took 30 takes to shoot co-star Jon Bernthal's death when he had to kill his on-screen best friend Shane. Lincoln also relayed how everyone gathered for the "heartbreaking" scene. "Working with Jon was one of the greatest thrills of my life," he says.

Of course this murderous death has narrative ramifications for Rick, who "can't even look at his wife." Lincoln warns "they've overcome a lot, including Lori's infidelity, but this is a profound rift, a huge wedge. I don't know how they will ever get past this."

episode-13-group-highway.jpgAdjusting to a New World and New Characters:
Aside from the prison that was shown in the finale, Executive Producer Glen Mazzara shares how the writers are interested in "opening up the world." According to Mazzara, "there are other factors out there in the world, other groups," and our familiar gang is "really stumbling into a much larger world" in the next season (from CultureMob).

With a bigger world comes new characters, and in addition to the Governor and Michonne (more on her in a bit), Mazzara says there are plenty of new faces to anticipate. He mentioned the Tyrese character from the comic books, Morgan and Duane from the pilot and even original characters not based in the comics as possible newcomers to the show.

Along with a new home and new people, Rick's group can expect other adjustments in light of some facts revealed in the finale. For one, since Rick divulged the secret that they are all infected with a virus causing them to become Walkers after death (as long as the brain is intact), their survival will take on a new light - "they have their everyday lives to live, and that's what they'll be concerned with as we move forward," says Executive Producer Robert Kirkman (and creator of the graphic novel). Plus, they will start to evolve as "people start to learn how to coexist with zombies and actually utilize them," says Kirkman.

episode-13-andrea-walker.jpgFemale Power in the Upcoming Season:
Speaking of coexisting with zombies, everyone is looking forward to the new bad-ass zombie slayer Michonne, who will be played by Danai Gurira. Michonne debuted in the finale with two armless Walkers attached to her by chains, a haunting and attention-grabbing image. "We're going to learn who Michonne's zombies are, why she has them and what purpose they serve," says Kirkman. "It's wild." Furthermore, as one of the lead characters in the comics, she will be a "very, very important addition to the cast," with a "very dynamic and complex" personality. And to find an actress to fulfill this intimidating role, Kirkman said Gurira "portrayed the power and strength" needed (as told to The Hollywood Reporter).

Gurira, for her part, says she's been "mind-blown" about preparing for this part, which includes training with katana swords. With a theater and playwriting background, Gurira says she plans on "delving into the character's background and their motives and fears, all those things [that] can make a multidimensional character come to life... to allow Michonne to be as rich and complex as possible."

Along with Michonne having a prominent presence, Andrea will also step up as she journeys alongside and learns from her kick-ass rescuer. Gurira says she loves "women who get out there and do their thing" and is excited to play off that "energy and the life that will come through these women." Andrea will not only be claiming her strength, but will also confront Rick when she finds out he killed her lover Shane; Laurie Holden, who plays Andrea, says "it will not go down well for Rick." But (comic book spoiler) will this turn into a possible romance down the road? (In a recent comic, Rick and Andrea kiss.) With all the changes Andrea seems to go through in the next season, anything seems possible.

What are your thoughts on these details about season 3? Are you excited for the "best season yet"?

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