'The Walking Dead': Michonne's Past Explains Everything
'The Walking Dead': Michonne's Past Explains Everything
Gina Vaynshteyn
Gina Vaynshteyn
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Michonne is the most enigmatic character in The Walking Dead. Almost nothing about her past has been hinted at since her introduction except the way she looked at Baby Judith. Clearly moved and upset by the baby, viewers got the sense that she was once a mother. Like Lost, or any other show that depends on flashbacks to complicate and elaborate the story, The Walking Dead slowly unravels each character, revealing more and more about the way they are and why.

In Sunday's episode, "After," Michonne has the choice to either follow the footprints that would lead her to her group, or go it alone. We see that she initially decides to brave post-apocalyptic Georgia, chopping the arms and breaking the jaws of two zombies (who paralleled her previous body guards) and using them as camouflage. 

Something happens though. About half-way into the episode, we are abruptly lead into a chic, modern kitchen where Michonne is dressed in bright orange. She is talking to two men, one presumably her husband or boyfriend, and carrying a baby. This dream starts becoming distorted; the two men begin to discuss the issue of survival, their arms are suddenly sheared off, and the child she was holding disappears. The way these men were talking to her makes it seem as though they blamed her for their living conditions, and the death of her baby. Later, in an abandoned bar, Michonne sees a hand-written note Joe the dead zombie bartender left behind and this triggers an emotional reaction. You could tell her camp had different approaches to survival, and the fact that she lived still haunts her. 

Michonne ultimately decides to go back, tracking the footprints to the neighborhood Rick and Carl scurried off to, and grinning when she sees them inside a house. 

Questions that will probably be answered this season include:
1. How did Michonne's boyfriend and baby die?
2. Those first zombie-guards were those two men we saw, right? 
3. Were their deaths partly her fault?
4. What was her life like before she met Andrea?

So, what makes Michonne turn around? Is it because she realizes that even though she may have a greater chance of survival going solo, she needs a family? I think Michonne loves Rick and Carl, and not only are they good for her, but she's good for them. Right now, Rick and Carl are a sorry duo. Rick is practically dead and Carl has way too much hubris to pull off living on his own. They need Michonne.

I'm personally really excited that Michonne is getting more screen time. She is the most fascinating character that we all want to understand better. Plus, I'm always going to support a strong female lead. The Walking Dead initially had Lori and Andrea, but they were killed off. Maggie's still alive, and we can only hope the death of her father hasn't impacted her tenacious determination to survive. 

Will Michonne become a bigger part of the family? Find out this season on The Walking Dead airing Sundays on AMC at 9pm. 

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