'The Walking Dead' Interview: EP Scott Gimple and David Morrissey
'The Walking Dead' Interview: EP Scott Gimple and David Morrissey
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
The Governor's back! At the end of last Sunday's The Walking Dead, the Governor was spotted outside the prison. Will he be a threat to the residents? Or, has come to make amends?

David Morrissey and Executive Producer Scott Gimple spoke to reporters this summer about the Governor's state of mind after his massacre and in his return. Plus, check out a sneak peek from "Live Bait."

Interview with David Morrissey and EP Scott Gimple

Highlights from the interview:

  • At the end of season 3, Morrissey says the Governor is "in a deeply traumatic place."
  • "He doesn't do those things without a consequence to his soul." - Morrissey
  • He continues to carry the burden of what he did.
  • Morrissey loves the "complex things" that he will be doing in season 4, "It's a joy to play."
  • When he gets in that truck, he's not grinning. He's not smiling and laughing. He has no mustache to twirl." - Gimple
  • The Governor lives by the mantra "You kill or you die." He believes that, but also uses as an excuse for what he does.
  • Morrissey compares the Governor's mindset to that of soldiers who "black out" part of themselves to survive.
  • The Governor has a battle within himself about who is this person.
  • The Governor has "a public face and he has a very surprising private face." Who is he and who will he be moving forward? He will be asking himself those questions.
Check out what the Governor's been up to in this The Walking Dead "Live Bait" clip

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