'The Walking Dead' Heads to the Prison in Season 3
'The Walking Dead' Heads to the Prison in Season 3
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
The farm is gone. Next up for The Walking Dead is the prison, as shown by the key art released today by AMC. Rick is fiercely holding his gun and looking like the sheriff's deputy he used to be.

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When we last saw The Walking Dead crew in the season two finale, they were attacked by a zombie mob at Hershel's farm forcing them out. The zombies took a few victims, but most of the core group made it out alive and together. Andrea was separated from the group and met a mysterious hooded woman in the forest. 

When season 3 starts, they will have to deal with Rick's reveal that he killed Shane. Or, really that Carl had to take down the zombified Shane, since they are all infected. That combination of factors is going to be difficult for them to accept and overcome.

"Fight the dead. Fear the living." is the tagline for The Walking Dead's third season. The troubles are not over; rather the situation is only going to get more complicated. Will Rick be facing off against his former friends? Or, will there be other people that become a threat to them all? 

We will have to wait until Sunday, October 14th at 9pm ET to find out what comes next. The Walking Dead's third season will include 16 episodes. The first 8 will air starting this fall with the final 8 episodes returning in February 2013.

How excited are you for season 3?

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