'The Walking Dead' Episode 5 Sneak Peeks, Spoilers: 'Chupacabra' Brings the Return of Merle
'The Walking Dead' Episode 5 Sneak Peeks, Spoilers: 'Chupacabra' Brings the Return of Merle
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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What does a mythological Latin American monster have to do with The Walking Dead? We'll find out when episode 5, "Chupacabra," airs Sunday on AMC. But with zombies all over the place, Sophia still missing, Shane off the deep end, Lori pregnant and Rick unaware of his group's biggest problems, I'd say wondering about the existence of the legendary "goat sucker" should be the least of their concerns.

In terms of more pressing matters: Check out two clips from the next Walking Dead episode, plus bits and pieces about upcoming big developments, from one-armed Merle's shocking return to Glenn's uncomfortable girl problems.

Episode 5 PROMO: "Chupacabra." The hunt for Sophia goes on (and on, and on, and onnnnnn...) but the big news comes at the end of the promo. MERLE LIVES!

More on Merle's Return: Robert Kirkman spoke to MTV about the Dixon brothers' upcoming reunion. "All I can really say about Merle's return is that it occurred to us in the writing of bringing Merle back that we never even saw Daryl Dixon and Merle Dixon interact in the first season. They were never in a scene together. Getting to see Norman Reedus and Michael Rooker actually interacting and playing off each other is going to be an enormous treat for the audience and it's something we've been dying to get to."

Sneak Peek: Women Be Actin' Crazy!
Ohhh, Glenn. Here he is, to tell us his theory for why the women in the group might be acting strangely: Not because the entire world has been turned into a nightmare hellscape, but because their uteri have synchronized. The Walking Dead's talk of "discreet feminine" issues continues...

More on Glenn and Maggie: Kirkman tells MTV of the budding romance, which has apparenrly already hit its first speedbump: "It brings a sense of hope into the show, that these two people can find each other and find love. It's fun to have a bit of romance in there and think that, despite everything that's going on in this world, two people can find some form of happiness... until a zombie attacks, and zombies do attack from time to time."

This Would Be a Good Time for Zombie Jerry Springer to Show Up: As if Lori didn't have enough problems. It was just last week that she was considering letting her older child die to save him from a post-apocalyptic life (normal adolescence is hard enough), and now she's got a brand-new baby brewing in her two-timing sadness oven!

And so the followup question should be obvious enough: "Is the baby Rick's or Shane's?" Kirkman hints at what this news could mean for Shane -- if and when he finds out: "This is going to be a catalyst for Shane. Once he finds out about this, assuming he does find out about this, he's going to react pretty strongly to this. His whole reason for worrying about Lori and Carl is that they've become a surrogate family for them. If he believes this baby is going to be his, that's just going to solidify his state with this family. It's definitely going to throw a wrench in the whole love triangle thing that's going on."

I'd say this show could use a few more wrenches, as I rather agree with EW's Popwatchers that season two has been moving at a snail's pace, at least by "zombie epic" standards. Maybe Merle can kick the action into high gear -- ideally, by finding Sophia, so we, and the survivors, can finally move on.

"Chupacabra" airs Sunday, November 13 at 9pm on AMC.

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