Wednesday Ratings for June 29: 'Voice' Ends Run, 'Love' Premieres
Matt Click
Matt Click
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NBC won the night handily with the season finale of The Voice and a fresh episode of America's Got Talent. ABC's Love in the Wild also premiered, and did fairly well for its timeslot. On FOX, So You Think You Can Dance continued its slow, painful ratings decline, slipping even further down the slope. But with The Voice over, will the former summer giant regain some footing in its timeslot? Let's look at the numbers.

The Voice ended its first season successfully last night, crowning Javier Colon as the first-ever Voice. Javier gets $100,000 and a record contract, and his coach Adam Levine gets eternal bragging rights. The Voice had 10.77 million viewers tune in to watch the finale. The freshman singing competition did quite well in its first season, despite facing stiff competition from summer programming veterans, and even going up against American Idol in its first few weeks. I would imagine NBC execs are proud of their little summer show, and we here at BuddyTV are happy to hear we'll be seeing (and hearing) The Voice again.

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As if NBC execs weren't celebrating hard enough, America's Got Talent was up slightly versus last week, and enjoyed the best ratings it's had in the 9pm timeslot on Wednesday since September of last year, with 13.30 million viewers. Looks like somebody is getting a new yacht!

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On ABC, Love in the Wild premiered at 10 to a decent-sized audience. More than 6 million viewers tuned in to watch attractive straight people find food -- and love -- in the harsh wilderness. If this sounds like a recipe for the greatest show ever to you, you might want to check out the craziness that is Love in the Wild (and also seek psychiatric help). But don't take my word for it...

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And plodding along in the rear, shamed by being bested by a show called Love in the Wild, FOX's So You Think You Can Dance continued slipping in ratings. With just 5.51 million viewers to its name, the former summer behemoth has truly fallen on hard times. It may be down, but it's not out yet. With The Voice airing its last episode of the summer, SYTYCD has the unique opportunity to gain some traction with viewers in its timeslot, and take back what was once its alone.

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