[Videos] 'The Voice' Roundup: Cee Lo's Adviser, the Coaches Reunite and Michelle Chamuel's Album
[Videos] 'The Voice' Roundup: Cee Lo's Adviser, the Coaches Reunite and Michelle Chamuel's Album
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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The boys (and gal) are back in town! The Voice's original coaches -- Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green, Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton -- have reunited in their big, red chairs after last season's one-season break, and it does feel so good.

Cee Lo has found his adviser for the Battle Rounds, which leaves Blake as the only judge not to name an adviser. Does he think that his three straight wins warrant not even having someone else there to help him? We're getting impatient as the premiere nears!

Also, two promos have been released with a first look at the coaches, and we've got info on Michelle Chamuel's new album.

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Miguel to Mentor Team Cee Lo

Christina has Ed Sheeran, Adam has the OneRepublic guy and Cee Lo went and found the "it" guy of the moment -- Miguel -- to advise his singers during the head-to-head Battle Rounds. Who is Miguel? All I know is that he's the failing leap guy from the Billboard Music Awards in May where he fell on people in the audience during his performance. Oh, and he lent his voice on Mariah Carey's "#Beautiful." 

But after that? We don't know much about this one-named guy. But he does bring a lot of influences to his music, like hip-hop, rock, funk and R&B, so maybe his broad range is why Cee Lo brought him in.

First Look at the Coaches

Who hasn't pictured Adam and Blake chilling on a boat, while Christina appears from a forest and Poseidon -- err, Cee Lo -- rises from the sea? Just another Sunday afternoon for these judges.

Check out their reunited promo for season 5:

If you're still not 100% enthused to see them back together, the next promo aims to change that. They want you to remember all the great things you loved about The Voice from all the way back in 2011. 

There are the usual things we've now come to expect: poking fun of Blake's accent, his bromance with Adam, but with Christina and CeeLo back, it feels invigorating and fresh. And it's the best season so far, which they've said the season before that, the season before that and so on. 

Check out the preview:

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Michelle Chamuel is the Reverb Junkie

With Usher as her coach last season, Michelle Chamuel captured fans' hearts for her quirkiness, personality and the ability to pick the right song and perform the heck out of it. With her runner-up finish behind her, she focused on making music after The Voice, and the product of that is being released next Tuesday, September 10.

But try to find or ask for the Michelle Chamuel album and you'll be out of luck. That's because the album, All I Want, is being released under Reverb Junkie, a nickname she's had for years. The album and its sound isn't what people became used to on The Voice, which is why it's not under her name, according to Michelle. She said she was a performer on the show, not a producer, telling Mass Live, "I had very little say in effects."

On All I Want, not only is she the singer but also the producer, the writer and the engineer, while a friend mixed and mastered the album, and it isn't one that's performance friendly.

It sounds like she's targeting a difference audience and not the one she had on The Voice, who saw and got to know her in one way. But props to her for creating an album she can truly call her own. 

Would you listen to/buy her indie album?

The Voice season 5 premieres September 23 at 8pm on NBC.

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