[Video] 'The Voice' Roundup: Cher Completes Advising Group, Cassadee Pope's New Single and More
[Video] 'The Voice' Roundup: Cher Completes Advising Group, Cassadee Pope's New Single and More
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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Last spring, Cher picked The Voice to declare it was a "Woman's World," her first live performance in 12 years. And now, she'll be returning to the show as Team Blake's adviser, completing the quartet of stars who will lend their expertise to singers looking for their big break.

In other news, the coaches talk about the new season, with Adam really wanting Blake to lose, and Cassadee Pope has a new single available for download.

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Team Blake Nabs Cher

So now the advisers are set: Blake Shelton and Cher, Adam Levine and Ryan Tedder from OneRepublic, Christina Aguilera and Ed Sheeran, and Cee Lo Green and Miguel are working together.

Judging purely on first impressions, Ryan Tedder might be my favorite to be the best adviser because he comes from a singing-songwriting background. His name is attached to some of the hottest hits in music, like "Halo," "Rumour Has It" and "Already Gone." And he's familiar with Maroon 5, having written "Love Somebody" so he and Adam will work well together.

While I understand the Adam-Ryan connection, the Blake-Cher partnership is puzzling at first. But since The Voice isn't really about songwriting, the edge might actually go to Cher. Who's the best performer out of the four advisers than a legend? And does this mean Blake isn't going with last year's strategy of an all-country team? Or maybe he wants his country team to be more theatrical, so he's looking to Cher to guide them in a direction that he can't.

Ed Sheeran and Miguel are toss-ups for me because I don't know much about them. Feel free to leave comments on what you think about these two. All I know is that Miguel can at least teach singers what not to do during a performance: don't try fancy tricks because you'll land in the audience like he did during the Billboard Music Awards.

Christina selecting someone who's the complete opposite of her might be her strategy as well. She hasn't had a good track record on the show -- Chris Mann did finish fourth in season 2, but his classically trained voice isn't something she could do a whole lot with and no one else has stood out from any of her teams.

The Coaches Speak

In a new NBC interview, Christina starts off by saying it's great to be back on The Blake Shelton Show, after the country star produced a winner the last three seasons. Because of his winning streak, it sounds like the rest of the coaches might ban together in an anti-Blake movement, as Adam jokingly states that he doesn't want to win, he just wants Blake to lose.

Check out the rest of the interview:

"Good Times" with Cassadee Pope

The winner from two seasons ago has a new single out on iTunes. Cassadee Pope's "Good Times" is an upbeat, fun song -- perfect to close out the summer -- in contrast to the sadder/angrier "Wasting All These Tears." Her debut album is set to drop on October 8. 

Take a listen to "Good Times": I actually the slower-paced song, but maybe that's what I had been used to her singing on The Voice, being more emotional and vulnerable rather than bubbly. What do you think?

The Voice season 5 premieres September 23 at 8pm on NBC.

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