'The Voice's Sweet Sixteen: Which Team is the Strongest?
'The Voice's Sweet Sixteen: Which Team is the Strongest?
Jenn Lee
Jenn Lee
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Now that the first rounds of live performances have concluded, we're down to the final sixteen contestants, four for each team. After the next two weeks, that number will be whittled down to eight - and from there the final four will compete in The Voice live two-part finale on May 7 and 8. We've reached that point where we can get a greater sense of each team and who will claim that ultimate title. As this show seems to be as much about the coaches as it is the singers, let's take a look at who has the strongest team and is likely to claim bragging rights after the finale.

team blake1.jpgTEAM BLAKE
I'll be honest - I'm still not sure how RaeLynn has made it this far. But apparently the young country sweetheart has some fans out there. Jordis Unga was in the bottom three and saved by Blake after a stripped down version of Rolling Stone's "Wild Horses." She's got that edgy rock-pop voice that could have wide appeal, but she's fallen by the wayside in the competition thus far.

Diversity-wise, Blake has a solid team: country, R&B, rock, powerhouse ballads - his team has got it covered. But does his team have winning potential? I like Jermaine Paul and Erin Willett, but compared with some of the other individuals on the show, I'm not sure they have enough of that special 'wow' factor to bring home the title.

team christina.jpgTEAM CHRISTINA
Christina has put together a solid team this year, with the type of stand-out performers you need to win. Jesse Campbell has the soaring, crystal-clear voice that leaves an impression, Chris Mann has brought his technically sound opera voice for something different, and Lindsey Pavao, though somewhat reserved, has managed to become a fan favorite with her unique sound. Ashley De La Rosa was saved by Christina, and though she's got a strong voice, she seems a bit young and needs to develop a stronger stage presence.

Overall, it's a strong team.

team adam.jpgTEAM ADAM
As the winner of last year with Javier Colon, Adam would probably love a second win to hold over the other coaches. However, I somehow don't see Adam's team as the one with the winner. They're all decent, likable performers, but none of them strike me as someone who can blow America away at this point in the competition.

Mathai is cute and has an interesting voice, Tony Lucca has got some clear fans, Pip stands out with his Georgia charm and Katrina has got some powerhouse vocals. But comparing this group with some of the others, I don't think Team Adam is the one to watch.

team cee lo.jpgTEAM CEE LO
Much like Cee Lo himself, this team has a young, hip attraction that could push them over the edge. I personally think Team Cee Lo has some of the strongest performers in the top sixteen, at least from what we've seen so far. Specifically, Juliet Simms and Jamar Rogers really brought it this week in their live performances and as far as memorable contestants with star quality go, these two shine. Humble girl magnet James Massone has a pleasant voice and a rally of fans that can probably carry him pretty far. Cheesa, probably one of the weaker singers early on, has proven herself to be a forceful presence in recent performances and if she continues to do so, will round out a very impressive team from Cee Lo.

My vote? I'd say Team Cee Lo is the strongest right now. Of course, the winning coach doesn't need the strongest team - he/she only needs one performer who can win over more of America than the other 15 contestants. Who that is at this point is still a mystery, but for now we'll settle for judging which team is the best. Cast your vote below and feel free to comment on your thoughts!

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