'The Voice' Videos: Blake Shelton, Cee Lo Re-React to the Surprise Kiss
'The Voice' Videos: Blake Shelton, Cee Lo Re-React to the Surprise Kiss
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Does The Voice have its own set of star-cross'd lovers?

Eh, probably not. Emily Valentine and Curtis Grimes' kiss at the end of their duet of "Need You Now" last night seemed pretty staged to me. But maybe I'm just cynical from so many hours of reality TV viewing. Still, there's no question these two have major chemistry and mutual admiration -- which made Emily's immediate elimination after their performance even more bittersweet.

Watch the duet again and see what the judges had to say on the instant replay, then weigh in: Was this just an encore after a great performance, or is there something there between Curtis and Emily?

Crushing on each other, and trying to crush each other: Watch Curtis and Emily's battle round again, and the kiss that sparked Blake's memorable "duet, not DO it" line.

Cee Lo's face in the moment was the best! Let's see that again:


Coach Commentary: Blake, Cee Lo and Carson talk about Emily and Curtis's chemistry. Cee Lo says they had something going on behind the scenes. Blake predicts babies. But Carson says they just wanted to create a buzz. (Which they clearly have!) Well, which is it, boys? Get your gossip straight!

Maybe we'll find out where these two lovebirds stand when we see Curtis again next Tuesday, when The Voice transitions to 9pm for its live episodes. Until then, what did you think of the kiss?

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