'The Voice' Video: Watch Judith Hill's Amazing Season 4 Blind Audition
'The Voice' Video: Watch Judith Hill's Amazing Season 4 Blind Audition
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The Voice begins season 4 Monday, March 25 at 8pm on NBC with new coaches Usher and Shakira, and now you can get an early look at one of the best early contestants.

Her name is Judith Hill and she decides to sing a very bluesy version of former coach Christina Aguilera's "What a Girl Wants." And now that Xtina is no longer in one of the big red chairs, Adam Levine is free to say things like "You are the first person that's ever come on this show and done a Christina song as well as Christina Aguilera."

Judith gets all four coaches to turn around, which is no easy feat. Only five singers did it in season 3, including eventual winner Cassadee Pope. In season 2, six singers got all four chairs to spin around, though finalist Tony Lucca was the only one who made it to the Top 12. In season 1 there were only two singers who got all four coaches, including winner Javier Colon.

In total, there have been 13 singers over three seasons to get all four coaches to spin around. Eight of them made the Top 16 and two of them won their seasons, so Judith is off to a solid start.

Having all four coaches turn around for Judith also means we get to see how the entire dynamic works for The Voice season 4. Adam Levine is tenacious, vowing to claw out people's faces and set himself on fire. Usher makes a lot of huge promises, and I'm already annoyed by the casual way he puts one leg up to sit down. Blake Shelton charms and compliments as always. Shakira, however, wins me over by making fun of her competition, from Adam's tattoos to Blake's pointing to Usher's odd sitting style.

Who will Judith choose as her coach on The Voice? Well, the video cuts out just before she makes her choice, so you'll have to tune in to the premiere. In my opinion it looks like she starts to make an "A" sound for Adam, but that's just my guess.

Do you think Judith Hill could win The Voice season 4? Which coach made the most persuasive argument? And how adorable is Shakira?

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