'The Voice' Top 10 Predictions: Which 2 Singers Will Go Home?
'The Voice' Top 10 Predictions: Which 2 Singers Will Go Home?
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Last week's elimination show introduced the Instant Save, where fans could save one singer in the bottom three by tweeting the artist's name and the hashtag #VoiceSave. I can only picture the fingers flying over phones and keyboards as people rushed to get their votes in.

While monitoring Twitter during the five-minute voting period last week, I thought Jonny Gray was the one who was going to be saved, but it ended up being Kat Robichaud. Then I read afterward that Jonny very well could've been the one who was saved, but The Voice did not count votes where his name was misspelled.

Perhaps during tonight's elimination show, Carson should take a moment to spell the three singers' names. Or voters could do themselves a favor and look up their artist's name online -- or even look up at the television when the name is being flashed. It seems ridiculous that the show didn't count tweets that read "Johnny," but where do you draw the line? If the show lets "Johnny" count, would "Jonee"? I guess rules are rules, but they should also make it clear that misspelled tweets will not count.

So there's your warning for tonight. The Voice Twitter police is out in full force.

Now on to tonight's eliminations. If Carson says anything about there being a record-setting number of downloads, it will be a bold-faced lie. No artist charted in the top 10 by 11am, the cut-off time for votes.

Not having an artist in the top 10 isn't so good for The Voice, but good for us viewers because no one is guaranteed to move on with the vote multiplier for landing in the top 10.

Here's how the top 10 charted by 11am:

#15 Cole Vosbury
#18 Matthew Schuler
#21 James Wolpert
#29 Caroline Pennell
#33 Tessanne Chin
#38 Ray Boudreaux
#40 Will Champlin
#49 Jacquie Lee
#64 Kat Robichaud
#104 Austin Jenckes

As you can see, all 10 artists charted! Last week, all but one (Jonny) did.

With all of this in mind, this is who I think will be safe, in the middle, in the bottom three and saved by Twitter.

Who's Safe?

Cole Vosbury and Matthew Schuler are the definites. I also have to include Tessanne Chin and Caroline Pennell -- both singers slid up more than 20 spots on iTunes compared with last week. I'm also throwing Austin Jenckes here because he is always safe. Last week, his iTunes position was two spots lower than this week's and America saved him, so I don't see why he'd be in any danger this week. 

Who's in the Middle?

James Wolpert and Jacquie Lee. Either of them could be in the bottom three, but I see their fan bases pulling them through.

Who's in Danger?

I think we'll see Kat Robichaud in the bottom three again. She needed a definitive, no-doubts-about-it amazing performance, but instead it was a mixed bag. Ray Boudreaux was the second to last artist who was saved last week (granted, I don't know if they announce in order). More or less, he's always in the middle of the pack so I think he's in danger this week. As much as it pains me to include him here, I think Will Champlin is in the bottom three. He's needed the coach's save once, he's in the bottom half of the iTunes charts and I just think James and Jacquie have more rabid fan bases. 

Who Will Twitter Save?

I'm certainly hoping it's Will Champlin, but Kat was saved last week so she's got that going for her. This means Cee Lo will be left with Caroline, and Blake will be left with his two bearded guys. All of Adam and Christina's singers from the top 12 will move on.

What do you think? Should misspelled tweets count? Will you be voting on Twitter to save an artist? Check back tonight for the results show, and our live blog. 

The Voice airs tonight at 9pm on NBC.